If your Apt Manager makes you move into another apt with pet-stinky carpet, do y

  1. Shepherd's Lamb profile image74
    Shepherd's Lambposted 6 years ago

    If your Apt Manager makes you move into another apt with pet-stinky carpet, do you have to move?

    I don't have pets.  I've been in my apt for six months and the Mgmt is remodeling my current unit, so offered me an 'upgraded' unit for the same rent.  My daughter knew the previous tennants of the 'upgraded' unit and told me their dog wasn't potty-trained...It smelled horribly in there.  I mentioned this to the Mgmt several times BEFORE I signed the transfer lease (THEN I got the keys) and they assured me it was thoroughly cleaned and was no problem.  I've been in the unit twice today and it reeks of pet odor.  I'm demanding they replace the padding and carpet, or I won't move.  Any advice?


  2. FrugalandFab profile image59
    FrugalandFabposted 6 years ago

    Uggh, Yuck! While I don't know what to say about the management aspect of this question, I do know a great tip for getting rid of pet odor in a carpet, pad, or subflooring. Sadly often times just replacing the carpet and pad won't cut it because the urine has found its way into the subflooring and barring ripping it up and replacing that, which most landlords would be hesitant to do there is really no "replacing" that can be done that will get rid of the odor. However, there is something that can, Hydrogen Peroxide. That stuff is a miracle. I once leased a home that was previously home to a couple who were cat breeders by trade. The smell was unreal, but unfortunately at the time this home was the only choice available. I had hired professional carpet cleaners to come in and do what they could to no avail. I was desperate, so after some searching I had read on the internet to go buy a handheld black light (I picked one up in a novelty store at the mall for about $7) and a few bottles of peroxide from the local drug store at about .98 a piece. Turn out all the lights and turn on the black light, the urine stains will glow under the black light, once you've found them dump the peroxide straight on them (do be sure to do a test patch somewhere not noticeable first). I used a bottle per stain which was probably excessive. While there was a medicine smell in the house for a few days following, the urine smell was completely gone and never returned. Best of luck to you, I hope it all works out ok.