How do you get rid of a pesky rabbit?

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    novascotiamissposted 5 years ago

    How do you get rid of a pesky rabbit?

    We have a big fat rabbit terrorizing our garden. We've only seen it once so far, so we can't shoot it.  It's already eaten all our beans and beets. We have a huge garden bordering the forest and to fence the whole ground in would be far too expensive. We don't have any pets (dogs or tomcats) that would defend our garden.

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    portlandbillposted 5 years ago

    I feel for you. It is as though you opened a free all you can eat buffet at the rabbit's doorstep. Here are 3 ideas to cope with your new found friend:

    The most direct way would be to trap it. There are any number of wildlife traps that can be found online, and the rabbit's already "told" you which bait would work best. Once you trap him, or her, you can do a relocation with a little drive of about 5-10 miles.

    Or, you could scare the dickens out of him with decoy owls or hawks.

    A better long term solution would be to create a habitat that best attracts the natural predators that would make Mr. Rabbit hesitant to show his face in public. Do the research for your area and find out what kinds of trees or nesting areas owls and hawks prefer, and see what conditions they need to nest comfortably and then create those conditions. Nothing spoils a rabbit's appetite like the thought that dinner plans could include sudden death from above. You've already said that you don't own any animals you'd have to worry about, so this is a prime option.