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    bobcat1posted 7 years ago

    I am a fifty one year old man I have been working for the same company for ten years lately my hours have been cut so much I can't even pay my bill's my boss is always on my back and is always changing my schedule I go to work to work and do a good     job but am always being harassed  written up and basically pushed around if I open my mouth I get written upI don't play game's and I am looking for another job but it's hard   to get around without a car my wife is disabled and mentally ill sO it's hard to leave her alone my QUESTION IS   IF i AM SCHEDULED to work at 4:00  can they keep me from clocking in and then after hours of waiting send me home this is happening to much

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    lakasha2010posted 7 years ago

    I thought that my employment would be successfull soon as
    i got older and its the opposite so much has happened that its
    like wow where did this world go wrong . i dont know what happend with goverment ppl and the ones to those who make the decisions . so i much rather go to college then waist my time looking for another job.