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Fosteriana Tulips - Emperor Tulips

Updated on April 7, 2015
Tulip 'Golden Emperor'
Tulip 'Golden Emperor'

The best thing about Fosteriana tulips is their simple airy flowers. Extra-wide petals unfold from tight buds, carried mid height (8", 20cm to 10" 25cm).

The original perennial tulips, they have been bred from Tulipa fosteriana, which grows wild in Central Asia. That's why they, and their descendants, Darwin Hybrid Tulips, are so good at naturalizing - spreading and multiplying year after year. Strong stems also help them stand up to strong winds.

They are also known as Emperor Tulips.

Other flowering bulbs for April

Flowering from mid March to April, Fosteriana Tulips are not short of companions. April-flowering tulips include Greigii Tulips, Kaufmanniana Tulips, Single Early Tulips (March and some of April), some Double Early Tulips, Triumph Tulips and Single Late Tulips.

Flowers for May

Try Single Late Tulips, Double Late Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Lily-flowered Tulips, Viridiflora Tulips, Darwin Tulips and some Fringed Tulips. See Buying Tulip Bulbs for more information on Tulip Flowering Times.

Tulip 'Purissima'
Tulip 'Purissima'

Tulip 'Purissima'

If you're looking for a clean white tulip, then this is the one. Cream buds open out into pure white flowers. It looks fantastic en masse or in pots. Height is 45cm (18") - quite tall for a fosteriana tulip.

Tulipa 'Purissima' used to known as Tulipa 'White Emperor'.

Tulip Sweetheart

Exquisite primrose yellow petals fade to feathery white at their edges and over time. Tulip 'Sweetheart' is a great foil for dark tulips, such as the black tulips. Flowers appear in April and height is 16" (40cm).

Tulipa 'Orange Emperor'

Windproof stems, huge flowers, a unique color scheme and reliability have earned Tulip 'Orange Emperor' the RHS's Award of Garden Merit. Flowers have outer tangerine petals, inner petals of darker orange and a yellow inside. Height is 16" (40cm); foliage is bright green and flowers are 10" (25cm) across when open.

White Fosteriana Tulips

Two white tulips come to mind: the rare Tulipa 'White Sea' and Tulip 'White Emperor' (above). But, the new Tulip 'Exotic Emperor' is better than both, with fluffy, white, semi-double tulip with a yelow, black and green streaked base.

Others mix and match tulips which feature white include Tulipa 'Art Deco' (white/cream base, reddish tips), Tulipa 'Concerto', Tulipa Sweetheart' and Tulipa Purissima (white and yellow), Tulipa 'Dance' and Tulipa 'Flaming Purissima' (pink and white), Tulipa 'Rosy Dream' and Tulipa 'Zombie' (red and cream).

Red Fosteriana Tulips

These include Tulipa 'Cantata', Tulipa 'Holland National', Tulipa Job's Memory', Tulipa 'Madame Lefeber', Tulipa 'Polo', Tulipa 'Princeps', Tulipa 'Robassa', Tulipa 'Soroptimist'. Try planting them with up with other early red tulips, from the Kaufmanniana and Greigii Groups.

Yellow Fosteriana Tulips

Tulipa 'Candela', Tulipa 'Easter Moon', Tulipa 'Golden Emperor', Tulipa 'Golden Galata', Tulipa 'Golden Purissima', Tulipa 'Summit', Tulipa 'Yellow Empress', Tulipa 'Yellow Purissima'.

Multicolored Fosteriana Tulips

Tulipa 'Analita' has dark red outer petals edged with white, pink inner petals and shimmery ivory centers. Tulip 'Juan' has orange tips fading to yellow at the base. Tulip 'Grand Coulee' has shimmering red and pink flowers. Tulip 'Zwanendrift' is yellow and orange/brown.


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