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Free Standing Bird Feeders

Updated on May 29, 2014

Style & Function: Free-Standing & Pole Mounted Bird Feeders

Free-standing outdoor bird feeders like these add both form and function to your garden space, where you can expect to beautify your favorite lawn area or flower bed while feeding your fine, feathered friends.

Bird watching is a therapeutic way to begin your day in slow motion, with simple pleasure, and I'd venture to say there's not a TV morning show that rivals Mother Nature's own drama serial, courtesy of sunrise, flora and fauna.

Who knew it all starts with a simple to fancy feeder on a pole, or a lovely stand-alone garden statue serving a dual role as art and breakfast tray to the birds?

Scroll down for a look at several free-standing bird feeders ~ with and without a squirrel proof pole mount~ along with some basic tips to keep your bird feeder in optimum order and the birds' bellies full up on their favorite food. Who knows? This may be the start of something big!

Image credit: The free-standing (pole-mounted) outdoor bird feeder shown is available below.

Lightweight Resin Plastic Stand Alone Gazebo Solar Light Bird Bath & Feeder with Attached Plant Stand on Pole

Wooden Gazebo Bird Feeder without Pole (Has Stand Attachment) Made of Cedar Wood: Stand is Separate

Free Standing Pole Gazebo Bird Bath & Feeder with Attached Plant Stand on Pole Lightweight Made of Resin Plastic

Verdigris Gazebo Standing Birdfeeder
Verdigris Gazebo Standing Birdfeeder
It's important to birds' health to keep your seed freshly stored and moisture free but you don't have to buy expensive plastic containers. Instead, consider using plastic tea pitchers you can simply twist the lid and pour the seed into the feeder. I suggest using a funnel with a long spout or make your own by folding a piece of paper--or better yet--an old piece of cardboard. Fold it lengthwise and modify the width, cutting it to fit your bird feeder. Easy-peasy! I love the quaintness of these stand-alone gazebo bird feeders. Birds are able to fly through at all sides on most of these gazebos, so they're apt to feel safer and you'll have a better view, too. I'd use straight sunflower seeds with gazebo feeders. Birds won't have to go 'shopping' in the seed cup or platforms, making a mess of less-desirable feed. Your pole feeder and the garden below will stay a bit cleaner, longer. I included a quick video below for cleaning your bird feeder; you'll love Bill Oddie's wit and humor present in his bird lovers' video series.

Stand Alone Cat Outdoor Animal Garden Statue: An Easy Bowl Bird Feeder

Stand Alone Dancing Frog Outdoor Animal Garden Statue: An Easy Bird Feeder

Stand Alone Balancing Frog Outdoor Animal Garden Statue: An Easy Bird Feeder

SPI Home 33218 Lazy Frog Prince Bird Feeder
SPI Home 33218 Lazy Frog Prince Bird Feeder
I'm a big fan of easy-peasy and you can truly have a bona-fide, easy bird feeder along with a unique garden statue, adding a bit of whimsy to your outdoor patio or garden nook. Too, these uber-cute-to-cool bird feeders are best for mixed seed (like the variety you see at most department stores), as birds--like us--love to go straight to their favorite: black-oil sunflower seed. I'd say it's kinda like going straight for the cashews in a can of mixed nuts (yes, I'm guilty). These bird feeder outdoor garden statues are the epitome of easy: easy to clean, easy to fill without losing seed in your pour and easy to watch and photograph all birds in attendance. How's that for easy? Tip: Place these feeder statues near a bush of tree so birds feel safe in having a quick getaway should the need arise (I'm thinking stealthy cats and 'squirrely' and sneaky squirrels). Squirrel alert: Use safflower seeds in your feeder if squirrels are eating you up in seed. They don't like safflower--at all.
Guardian Angel Garden Stand Alone Statue Bird Feeder
Guardian Angel Garden Stand Alone Statue Bird Feeder

Guardian Angel: Outdoor Garden Statue & Bird Feeder

Easy as it Comes

I'm guessing it's the simple, smooth lines of this guardian angel statue bird feeder that appeal to me. With artistic qualities abound, you'll appreciate the idea it's a bird feeder, too.

Outdoor garden statues are the ideal free-standing addition to your garden, as you'll have the freedom to place these easy bird feeders anywhere at any time, while cleaning and upkeep in kept to a minimum.

I love they're quite portable and have great value in additional beauty alongside your favorite flowers of any hue.

As I mentioned above, squirrels can be a threat to your bird seed supply. Fill your feeder with the safflower seeds. Many bird species like safflower and you'll enjoy your feeder as it was intended--for birds.

Click on the statue's image to see all the specs.

Free-Standing Easy-Fill Cedar Wood Platform Bird Feeder Hopper
Free-Standing Easy-Fill Cedar Wood Platform Bird Feeder Hopper

Feeding Birds of All Feathers & NOT Squirrels

Cedar Wood Pole Mounted Platform Bird Feeder

I know it's tempting to use oils and petroleum jelly to coat bird feeder pole mounts and posts. Don't do this! Birds will get that grease and oil in their feathers, rendering them useless for flight (think oil spill, here). Just invest in a squirrel shield or a large platform feeder like this one.

If squirrels are, indeed, a concern, I'd opt for a platform feeder with a large feeding area that will act like a baffle (barrier) like this one. Or just attach an anti-squirrel guard on the pole. The platform's size may keep squirrels from climbing onboard. Give it a try first with a little seed like sunflowers or nuts, something squirrels love. If they can't access it, you're good to go.

Birds big and small can enjoy pole-mounted platform bird feeders without pesky squirrels emptying it in mere minutes and they will if given the chance, so if you've one determined squirrel that's figured out a nearby shrub means a dive bomb entrance to your feeder, move it to a more open area free of overhanging branches.

Bird Feeder Garden Pole with Auger for Converting Hanging Feeders to Free Standing

Shepherds' Hook Bird Feeder Garden Pole for Converting Hanging Feeders to Free Standing

Stand Alone Outdoor Fairy Garden Statue/Easy Bird Feeder
Stand Alone Outdoor Fairy Garden Statue/Easy Bird Feeder

Fairy Bird Feeder Outdoor Garden Statue

Feeding & Fantasy

I love the detail this whimsical fairy garden statue that promises to bring an air of fantasy and innocence to any garden.

Don't you?

Self-standing and easy to add any size seed, just pour and you're done. And come time for cleaning rinse it out with a hose and scrub it on occasion and VIOLA! How's that for easy?!

For a stand alone bird feeder with plenty of visual interest, I give this garden statue a two thumbs up.

Click on the bird feeder statue's image for more info.

Victorian House Free Standing Fancy Feeder Bird House on Pole
Victorian House Free Standing Fancy Feeder Bird House on Pole

Getting Fancy in the Garden

Victorian Pole Mounted Bird House w/ Small Feeder Platform

I know this fancy-dancy Victorian pole-mounted bird house isn't the bonafide feeder but as I mentioned, I'm the ever-decorator, so I had to bend a little with this one.

For flower gardens especially, this self standing birdhouse has a small platform where you can place a seed cup for small birds like finches. Fill it with striped sunflower seeds that can be cracked by most small birds or you can opt for hulled sunflower seed if you're in doubt. Thistle, or Nyjer is another good one to use.

Of course, you'll need to tend to the seed cup daily for refill and cleaning but it sure is novel and fairly easy if you tend to your garden daily.

I've seen this bird house for a crazy-expensive price but this one is under $100. I couldn't see why it's so cheap but if you've an English garden, this bird house is an easy way to get started feeding birds while adding to your garden's beauty. Click the image to see more details.

Cool Red Barn Bird Feeder & Silo with Lift-Up Fill Top: Freestanding Pole Option Ideal Kids' Feeder

Cool Light House Feeder & Silo with Lift-Up Fill Top: Freestanding Pole Option Ideal Kids' Feeder

Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Pole Cardinal Bird Feeders, Jagunda, 7.5 Feet, Auger Anchor, Clear, JGA
Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, Pole Cardinal Bird Feeders, Jagunda, 7.5 Feet, Auger Anchor, Clear, JGA
Ever the decorator, I'm always looking at any space's message. By that I'm meaning what feelings are evoked when admiring a garden? Is there a constant color? A theme like nautical or whimsical fairy? Decorative bird feeders like these above greatly add to your garden's aura. If you're the no-nonsense type wanting your birds to steal the show, the plainer bird feeder, like the one here at left, sports a sturdy pole mount and auger screw to anchor the feeder nicely. Your bird feeder is all about your intentions for it as cute or cool decorative element-- or not. All have a lift up top for filling feed into the unit. And they're all free-standing (although with the decorative styles you'll need to add the pole-mounted option and order it separately). You have to admit if you're not a decorator, that red barn feeder is too cute!
Tube Feeder with Anti-Squirrel Guard on Pole
Tube Feeder with Anti-Squirrel Guard on Pole

Got Pigeons?

Free Standing Pole-Mounted Tube Feeder with Anti-Squirrel Guard

Indeed, pigeons are a nice part of any big city but when they invade your garden's bird feeder, they can wreak havoc--big time.

Pesky critters can take over your bird feeder or platform, pushing their way onto your platform or large feeder and sending small birds into obscurity. When they do, you have to be aggressive in getting these pesky critters to fly your coop.

You’ll need to switch from any large feeding platforms to using your small, pole-mounted tube feeders or invest in less palatable food depending on the pests’ species. When the undesirable birds have flown to friendlier dinner platforms, resume your normal feeding habits and seed.

Check nearby trees that may allow access to your bird feeder. Squirrels and other varmints will scope the area for any way to get a free meal. You'd be surprised at their persistence. I had a squirrel who spent the better part of an afternoon trying to leap from my deck rail onto my window feeder! It didn't turn out well--for the squirrel.

Here's a stand alone tube feeder on a thin pole that will keep your feeding small-bird friendly and with its anti-squirrel guard, you can rest a bit easier. Just watch your bushes.

Wooden Free Standing Bird Feeder with Pole
Wooden Free Standing Bird Feeder with Pole

Wooden Pole-Mounted Platform Bird Feeder

on Matching Wood Post

I like the simplicity of this cute wooden (cedar wood) post-mounted, self-standing bird feeder on it's matching pole. Totally easy to keep, sweep and fill, there's not much to dislike about it. Don't you agree?

Tip on cleaning your bird feeder: Be sure to whisk old, wet seed and cracked hulls off your bird feeder's platform. Insuring you've gotten under any feed trays or window parts where wet seed cn spoil. Birds can get sick with bad/decayed seed that's ruined by water with its ensuing fungi.

Cleaning is easy if you have an old whisk broom or even an old dish scrub brush.

Click on the bird feeder's image to see more.

Here's a no-nonsense short video on cleaning your bird feeder. He's using a large bottle brush but you can use one from the Dollar Store or a leftover scrubber from your kitchen. Just be sure it's free of caustic chemicals.

You'll love Bill Oddie; I promise! His short videos are all about birds. He'll change you from bird fan to bird fanatic. Listen in on this one . . .


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