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Zebra Stripe Print Accent Chairs

Updated on November 10, 2014
Image credit: The zebra print arm chair shown here is available below.
Image credit: The zebra print arm chair shown here is available below.

Getting SIT-uated in Stripes: Zebra Print Chairs

Zebra chairs afford the option to choose from a plethora of decor personas: go Serengeti and lounge in the wilds of your living room or go 'Soho-wild' instead of 'so-so mild' in your favorite space.

Decorating means bringing together things you love in an artful arrangement; doing so successfully is another science ~ especially when it comes to stripes meant to serve as an imprint upon the mind of a baby zebra. Now, that's complexity.

Sound downright dizzying?

Not really. My ideas can get you started on your quest to find that perfect zebra side or accent chair and give it a good home--yours.

Scroll down to get started on putting it all together. Go ahead; experience the thrill of the hunt.

Black Finish Zebra Print Arm Chair

Keeping to a Budget

Sticking to your decorating budget can easily get away from you;trust me, I've been there. Of course I regretted my purchase and it was hard to enjoy admiring the piece knowing I'd bought it on impulse.

I've started here with these two budget-friendly zebra occasional chairs. One has all the lines of its Louis style cousins: elegant arms and opulent, upholstered back for a very reasonable price tag. Its neighbor below can be the striking element in your room just the same. So, here's proof-positive there's always a more cost-effective way to get round the expensive piece you've fallen in love with.

I always suggest determining what qualities the 'gotta-have' decor piece has: Style? Color? Size? Even if you can't find a mirror image of the item, often times you can emulate several of its qualities to fill the requirement. While this chair is much cheaper than most, it will do quite nicely as an useful accent piece. .

Brown & Zebra Stripe Upholstered Armless Chair

Bold Zebra Pattern Side (Armless) Chair

Keeping Order with Your Decor Ideas

You've decided to make over a room and you've a few things in mind. That's great (I'm partial) but keep your ideas in order: make a list, cut out pages in a magazine, print out a web page for your personal folder.

I suggest collecting ideas for a few months at least. This way, if, after those few months you've decided against a piece, it's much easier to toss a printout than rid yourself of a bad purchase in the form of furniture.

Go through your 'wish-pics' and list and create your model room. Peruse the internet for prices, availability, etc.

You don't want your new room to go unfinished or too long, as it will never take on that ''new room' look and feel.

These zebra chairs are great used alone in small spaces or paired with another in large rooms. I like the fun, welcoming look these chairs have. They're ideal for nearly any decor genre you have in mind and will compliment any decor's color making these chairs an easy addition to many a room.

Defining Your Style with Patterns & Color

A Chair , a Rug and You've a Great Beginning to Your Decor

What's Your Style?

For best results when decorating in a given style, you'll want to pay attention to the little things. This accent arm chair in zebra print upholstery has several features that lend to its more sophisticated style:

The rich, sculpted wood frame and plush padding on the seat and back combine to betray a sophisticated overall appearance. It's ideal for a living room or formal home office.

Keep to the color for your other furniture pieces and pull the circle design from the arm and back rests and choose bedding or window treatments with circular patterns for that finished look you'll love.

Louis Style Zebra Side Chair

Wild or Mild: Defining Your Zebra Style

As you may have noticed, no two zebra striped patterns are alike, here. While this Louis-style zebra chair sports the tell-tale black and white stripes, has the pattern you're after, the style of the design has a more playful ~ almost funky ~ look.

When working with a more formal genre, it's important to keep to that 'voice' a constant. You don't want to send out confusing messages of playful and sophisticate in a room that meant for a serious tone.

This zebra armchair will work well in a casual space where you'll have the freedom to throw hot pink in the mix if it's your fancy. For a formal affair, go with the realistic zebra stripes for best results.

Investing in Versatility: Zebra Print Decor

Opting for versatile pieces is a great way to get the most from your investment. This zebra slipper chair has the potential to fit many decor palettes.

I can see this piece in a more formal setting on to a teen's bedroom with shocking colors aplenty. If you're prone to handing furniture pieces down to others or moving pieces from room to room, a zebra chair such as this one will be that one-size-fits-all you're looking for.

Zebra Chairs: the Anywhere Chair

I'm loving the fun look zebra chairs have. They're the ideal 'anywhere' chair depending on your space and plans for the piece.

If space is a concern, go without arms to keep things minimal.

Decide on your "wild or mild" decor palette and proceed accordingly. I like how the armchair at left here has that fun vibe but can still hold value as a substantial piece in the room.

These chairs can change face, though with just a few change outs of accessories. It's easy to see how the same chair (left) can take on a funky look with a hot pink accent pillow.

Whatever your 'flavor' you'll achieve the look with accessories easy-peasy.

Arched Zebra Narrow Chaise Lounge with Accent Pillow

Decorating Large & Small Spaces with Chaise Lounges

Zebra Chaise Lounges for Bedrooms and Tight Spaces

Chaise lounge like this upholstered zebra print chair have the narrow frame to fit nicely in smaller bedrooms to larger areas, while being quite the attractive, eye-catching element.

Large rooms can be difficult to decorate but I often suggest making two spaces from on large area.

Consider creating a square shaped conversation area with a few chairs and a cocktail table just beyond your sofa area. Decorating is made so much easier when drawn on paper first ~ it's a must-do in large rooms, otherwise that's a lot of furniture-go-round you'll be doing. Not fun!

This zebra chaise lounge is ideal for that leftover area in large rooms. You might hang a chandelier overhead or plant a nice floor lamp beside it for a cozy look and feel.

Zebra Print/Strip Chaise Lounge
Zebra Print/Strip Chaise Lounge

Decorating a Small Space - Zebra Print Bean Bag Chairs

Fun, Funky & Portable: Zebra Bean Bag Armchair

Ideall Zebra Chair for Gaming or Casual Decor

Small Spaces: It's All About Delicate Balance

Much like large spaces, small rooms can be quite the challenge, too. I can't tell you how often I've seen an overkill of furniture in small rooms ~ nothing looks attractive, as they're all competing for space and attention.

In small rooms you'll have to resign yourself to small scale furniture if you want a complete set.


Or, you could use one large key piece, a small side table and lamp. That's it.

These zebra bean bag chairs have the size you need for comfort without the bulk of frames. Just choose the size from your seating needs and pair up two smaller chairs or go with the 6-footer zebra bean bag above.

Fun and functional without the 'fluff.'

If it's Drama You Want . . . Zebra High Heeled Shoe Chair

A Zebra in the Corner

I refer to this zebra high heel shoe chair as the 'celebrity' of chairs; it commands all the attention in the room. Indeed, it's quite the head-turner.

Ideal for a corner, stunners like this one earn their keep in a prominent corner and can be spiced up even more with a funky chandelier above.

You'll get all the reaction you intended with this fun-people-only zebra chair.

I truly hope you found the zebra striped chair, chaise, or other exotic piece for you favorite room. I love to make dramatic statements and amazing focal points when I decorate and zebra prints are great, as the black and white stripes contrast quite nicely and draw the eye easily in their direction.

Too, zebra striped chairs add warmth and create a cozy nook for reading in your room.

Remember not to bless your room with too many zebra stripes, though. Doing so will create quite the dizzying effect--NOT what you want when you're looking to relax! Enjoy this fabulous selection of cool, rich and funky zebra striped furniture pieces and happy decorating!

Zebra Accent Chairs for Teens to Adults - Share Your Story

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