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Furinno 11173 Just 3-Tier Coffee Table - My Review

Updated on March 15, 2014

Furinno 11173 Just 3-Tier Coffee Table

We recently bought a Panasonic Microwave and found that we needed to put it on a shelf on our kitchen counter. So we discussed whether we should make it a DIY project and build our own shelf, or whether we could just buy one.

We ended up buying the Furinno 11173 coffee table to use as a counter top shelf for a Microwave Oven. The dimensions were perfect. Sometimes you can find the best deals when you use something for an unintended use!

I am using the Furinno 11173 as a countertop microwave oven table - I'm very pleased with the extra space I get with this!

Cheap Microwave Oven Shelf or Table for on Top of Counter
Cheap Microwave Oven Shelf or Table for on Top of Counter

Furinno 11173 Dimensions - 15.6" x 15.6" x 23.6"

Dimensions of the Furinno 11173 Just 3-Tier Coffee Table
Dimensions of the Furinno 11173 Just 3-Tier Coffee Table

Reccommend Maximum Load

How much weight can this table support?

The paperwork that came with this coffee table says that the top shelf can support 50 lbs, the middle shelf can support 55 pounds, and the bottom shelf can support 60 pounds.

My Review - Pros

  1. Easy to put together (less than 5 minutes)
  2. Looks nice
  3. Shelves provide extra storage space

My Review - Cons

  1. The tubes are made out of plastic.
  2. The underside of the shelves are not finished (not that you can see them in most cases)
  3. It's a little wobbly
  4. It's only a coffee table if you have a tiny living room. This is small!


This Furinno "Coffee Table" suits my purpose, and for $30, it's a good deal. It's sure easier than building one!

We bought the Furinno 11173 on Amazon - It was cheap (about $30) and we got free shipping, yay!

Bracket used to stabilize shelf
Bracket used to stabilize shelf

We added a bracket for stability.

Since the microwave is heavy, and it was a little wobbly, we used a bracket to stabalize the shelf. With a microwave, you are constantly pushing on it to open and close the door, so we felt it needed a little extra support.

This may not be necessary, depending upon your use... For a coffee table it may be just fine.

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You could buy matching sets.... Or perhaps you want a bigger, taller, or shorter table/shelf? The following links go to Amazon. Be sure to click on the images to view the dimensions. They even have a TV stand with space for media.

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