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Garage Organization Systems

Updated on January 31, 2017
Does your garage look like this? It's time to get organized!
Does your garage look like this? It's time to get organized!

Effective Garage Organization Systems for Your Home

Are you in need of some garage organization systems to help you keep up with all the clutter? Well, if your garage is an eyesore and you can't find anything you're looking for, or you simply don't have enough space left in your garage for anything more than what is already there, it is high time you consider installing some semblance of order into it. And the best way to do it is to install an effective gladiator storage system.

Say "No" to Chaos

How to Organize a Garage - A Step-by-Step Approach

When you first consider organizing your garage, it may seem an impossible task, probably with all the clutter taking up the space. But did you know that the seemingly impossible task of organizing a garage can be extremely manageable? Yes, with just a little elbow grease and some simple yet effective storage solutions, you can definitely organize your garage like a dream!

Are you ready to get started? Here's a step-by-step approach in organizing a garage:

Organizing a Garage: Step-by-Step
Organizing a Garage: Step-by-Step

Organizing Your Garage: How to Do It

  1. Set a schedule. Pick out the best day (Tip: Don't pick rainy days, please!), roll up your sleeves, and get ready to break some sweat! Then, take out everything from your garage. It's easier to start on a clean slate than just move things around.
  2. Sort it out. Pile everything out into categories. Identify which items should be kept and which ones should given away or donated, or tossed away for good. Be ruthless. If you want to keep your clutter to a minimum, you should be prepared to put items in their right categories. No hoarding, please. You can use stackable plastic storage containers in sorting the items in your garage. This is an ideal option since aside from being extremely durable, plastic storage containers allow you to quickly identify the contents.
  3. Plan your space. Now that you've cleared your garage and you can finally see your garage floor (thank heavens!), it's time to map out the actual dimensions of your space. Note where the doors and windows are, as well as the area occupied by your car. If there's a stair, don't forget to put it on your map, too. Knowing where everything is can help you decide on the ideal garage organization systems for your space, and suit them to fit your style and needs.
  4. Shop around for garage organization systems. There is a wide variety of garage organizing products available in the market today. Do you need cabinets to keep your things secured? Or perhaps some wall systems and matching wall components to make use of the vertical space available? How about some workbenches? You'll find a great selection of all of these online. Plus, you'll also save a lot of time and get great feedback and recommendations from other people by doing some online search, too.
  5. Start building your ideal garage! Now that you found the perfect garage organizing products and systems that will work for you and your space, it's time to break some sweat again. Install the garage organization systems you've purchased, and finally move your things back in - in an orderly manner, of course. :-P

Useful Tips on How to Organize a Garage

Garage Wall Organizers - Make Use of Your Walls for Storage

Wall Control Pegboard Tool Organizer

What are the features of the Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer that makes it ideal in organizing your garage?

  • More durable and more storage space. This tool organizer is about 10 times stronger than conventional pegboard which means you can use it store more items. The patented double offset hook engagement improves hook stability for safer, more secure tool storage.
  • More versatile. The galvanized steel pegboard panels accept traditional common 1/4" pegboard pegs.
  • Easy to install. It is a breeze to install thanks to its pre-drilled mounting holes on 16" centers. A built-in frame flange provides ample hook clearance and full access to all holes without requiring additional framework.

Kit includes: (2) galvanized combo pegboard panels 32" x 16" (covers 32" x 32") (1) 6" shelf assembly (3) plastic bins with bin hanger (1) screwdriver holder (1) hammer holder (15) assorted hooks and brackets mounting hardware. Instructions included.

Garage Makeovers with Gladiator Storage - Organizing a Garage has never been this good!

Organizing Your Garage with the Gladiator Storage Systems
Organizing Your Garage with the Gladiator Storage Systems | Source

Now, this one, IMO, is by far the ultimate garage organizing solution ever! The Gladiator GarageWorks GearWall Panels are designed to free valuable floor space in your garage while maximizing storage capacity and flexibility by adding 1-foot high by 8-foot long panels to a wall or your entire garage.

These panels are durable enough to withstand extreme heat, cold, and humidity in your garage. They easily attach to wood studs or to drywall over wood studs and provide sturdy structure to hang heavy items, such as loaded cabinets and bikes. All Gladiator wall accessories and Wall GearBoxes can be used with GearWall panels.

Consider Using a Workbench in Your Garage

If you need a work and storage space that truly fits your needs, this is definitely something you should consider. This innovative, do-it-yourself system lets you easily assemble a custom workbench in less than an hour. All you need is some plywood and 2x4s and you'll have a workbench that meets all your project and storage requirements. Guaranteed durable and versatile.


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