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Squirrel Garden Statues

Updated on February 12, 2015

Plump statue for your yard

Too sad this cute one was discontinued
Too sad this cute one was discontinued

Decorate Your Yard with Squirrel Decorations

Change up an ordinary yard to an extraordinary and adorable yard filled with furry and cute squirrel yard decorations. Not the real squirrels that have often gotten a bad rap with television as being evil. We all know that is not true. They are beautiful little animals that run around from tree to tree, make funny chattering noise and wonderful entertainers.

A squirrel statue will not leave nuts all over your yard, dig holes for the nuts, or entice your dog to bark and chase them. Though watching our dog chase the squirrels is quite entertaining. It is a lot of fun and good for a laugh.

Some of these squirrel statues and sculptors look so real. Take a close look at the photo and you will see the fine detailed artwork with Simone, the hand painted decoration that attaches to your tree. The designer states that it has the exact life-sized features of a real squirrel. Starting with the furry body and bushy tail to the black toe nails to add to the realist look even your dog won't know the difference.

Find all Squirrel Statues on Amazon Here

Squirrelly Cute

Simone The Squirrel

Find it with the link to the left side or below
Find it with the link to the left side or below

Lovable Garden Statues

These lovable and adorable garden statues for your front yard, backyard, around the garden, pond or water fountain. Where you decide to place these decorations, they will look amazing.

Below will show some other fun furry creature sculptures for your yard as decorative lawn ornaments and bird feeders and everything for that squirrel lover. See them all at once with the link in the intro text above.

Fun Loving Animal Decorations in All Sizes

Plump, husky or portly and yard decorations that are also a key hiders. Ideal for when you need a key. Now you might say that a fat squirrel is not real, but I have to disagree with that. We have seen some plump squirrels that look twice the size that they should be. Perhaps these little rodents were planning on a harsh winter ahead and it was their way of being prepared.

Squirrel Lawn Ornaments - Only Nuts Not To Have These

Squirrel Lawn Birdfeeder
Squirrel Lawn Birdfeeder

Bird Feeder Squirrel Statue

There are many bird feeders but nothing as cute as this life like this poly resin squirrel. The artist has added great detail to make this squirrel so amazingly cute with the birdseed laying on its furry tail.

For as long as I can remember, we have always had squirrels frolicking in our backyard. It is so entertaining watching them as they run from tree to tree; chasing each other and some arguing like they were married. Our dog, Buddy also loved the squirrels. Besides chasing the squirrels up the trees, Buddy would play a game with these clever squirrels, in a chase me along the fence at the side of the house and up on the telephone wire at the back.

We really enjoyed our squirrels. This year, we have sighted a large hawk flying around and there are not any squirrels in sight. Such a shame, we really miss them. Considering decorating our yard with squirrel garden statues is the next best thing.

More Adorable Squirrel Decorations

Michael Carr Designs 80065 Frisky Squirrel Outdoor Statue

Michael Carr Designs 80065 Frisky Squirrel Outdoor Statue
Michael Carr Designs 80065 Frisky Squirrel Outdoor Statue

This real life squirrel statue will impress everyone. It is approximately the same size as your yard squirrel with life like features. Hand crafted and hand painted. Look closely for the detail of this amazing statue.

Outdoor Garden Squirrel Statue And Gazing Ball Stand

Outdoor Garden Squirrel Statue And Gazing Ball Stand
Outdoor Garden Squirrel Statue And Gazing Ball Stand

Give your garden some shine with this outdoor garden statue with the squirrel at the base and a shiny globe ball on top that reflects the yard in its view. This would be beautiful around any flower garden or decorative landscape pond.

One of My Favorites

is the messenger on a bike.

Special Delivery - Squirrel Bicycle Messenger Garden Statue - Nothing is more cute than this

Special Delivery - Squirrel Bicycle Messenger Garden Statue
Special Delivery - Squirrel Bicycle Messenger Garden Statue

This adorable squirrel is riding a metal bike with a bronze finish. He represents a historical time in life when everything was much simpler. He is the messenger and eager to please.

Grandmother Squirrel Yard Statue


Bet you didn't know that there was a squirrel that dressed up like someone's grandmother? Isn't she adorable?

I Love Squirrels T-shirt - If you love squirrels then you will love this t-shirt

For the Love of Squirrels

I Love Squirrels T-shirt by kingdomofanimals

Pet Squirrels Playing - Ever thought of having one as a pet?

Are there animal statutes in your yard? - What about squirrel decorations?

Do you decorate with animal statutes for your yard?

See results

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My Zazzle stores
My Zazzle stores

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