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Get Rid Of Foam In Pool

Updated on August 6, 2013

Foam In Swimming Pool Problems

Foam in pool water is a very unsightly problem. The first time we had that white foam in swimming pool I was disgusted by it. More than anything because I didn't know what it was.

Of course, I didn't know the first thing about swimming pool maintenance back then. Luckily I learned a lot since then, and foam in pool water is now a thing of the past.

Causes Of White Foam In Swimming Pool Water

White foam in pool water can be caused by a number of things:

  • Chemical imbalance in the pool water
  • Soft pool water
  • Soap, oil, lotion or fat in the water
  • If you have a tiled pool, tile cleaning products can also cause foam in pool water
  • Certain algaecides
  • If you have pool treated with biguanide, aeration can cause white foam

How To Get Rid Of Foam In Pool Water

How you get rid of white foam in pool water will depend on what has caused the foam in the first place. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Soap: Rinse all bathing suits and toys thoroughly with clean water before using them in the swimming pool
  • Algaecides: Cheap algaecides have a tendency to foam, especially if they contain 'alkyl-dimethyl'. Change to 'poly' algaecides, the remaining old algaecide will steadily break down.
  • Aeration: try chlorine shock to burn-off the organics.

These are just a few tips. You can find more methods to get rid of white foam in pool water in the book 'Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets'. It taught me everything I know about keeping my swimming pool in good condition.

Pool Maintenance Kit
Pool Maintenance Kit

Pool Maintenance Supplies

The right supplies can turn pool maintenance into a breeze. And if you read the Swimming Pool Maintenance Secrets (check out the big arrow link above) you'll spend even less time cleaning and more time enjoying your swimming pool.

A complete pool maintenance kit will contain items like a telescoping aluminium shaft, a surface skimmer and a vacuum. Depending on the size of the pool you may not need all of these products though. So make sure you read plenty of reviews so you can decide whether you need it or not.

Extreme Foam Pool Video

This family is experiencing a really bad case of foamy pool. It's never gotten this bad in any of the cases I've seen personally. And hopefully you'll never have to deal wit this either. The tips mentioned in this lens will certainly help prevent it.

To be honest, if they hadn't complained about the smell I'd have thought someone had poured bubble bath soap in there...

Have you ever experienced a foam explosion like in the video above?

Has the water in you swimming pool seen better days?

Are you in the market for a pool and just trying to get a few answers to prevent situations like this from happening?

Whichever the case, this is the place to connect with other pool owners.

Let us know your tricks and tips to keep your pool clean at all times. Or tell us how you managed to get rid of foam (even if it means you simply called a professional company for help).

Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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