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Getting Organized at Home

Updated on December 4, 2014
Gatting Organized at Home Can Be Fun!
Gatting Organized at Home Can Be Fun! | Source

When Getting Organized at Home is a Challenge

Is the task of getting organized at home becoming too hard to handle? Do you have any idea on what you will do with all the stuff you have accumulated over the years? Have you become a pack rat?

If you find yourself in this messy situation (as many of us are), then maybe it's time to weed out the unnecessary items and start organizing your home. Are you ready to get started? Then, read on to learn some valuable tips and tricks that can help you achieve your goal!

How do you start organizing your home?

Before you even think about organizing your home or investing in a new storage system, you need to do an honest assessment of the things you own and make a commitment to get rid of all the things that you don't need.

It's the only way to do it right.

Organizing a Home: How Do You Do It?

Organizing a home is a step-by-step process. If you think you can get your home organized within the day, well, think again! Depending on the current state of your home, it will take more than a day or even a week to get everything down to a manageable level.

But don't despair - once you get everything in its proper place, staying organized is an easier task. It is highly recommended that you ask your family to help you in this seemingly monumental task so they, too, will learn a thing or two about controlling clutter in their life.

Where Do You Start?

In decluttering your home, start with the high traffic areas such as the living room and the kitchen first. Ever noticed how everything gets dropped on a counter or the couch in these two places? Well, you get the picture. Focus on getting everything set up the way that you like it before moving on to another room. That's the best way to do it. :-)

Decluttering Your Home - A Step-by-Step Approach

When your house is in a serious state of chaos, organizing it seems to be an impossible task. But do you know that there is a secret to getting things in order? Here's how you do it!

  • Remove everything from drawers and cabinets. Yes, you heard it right - EVERYTHING. Admittedly, this will take a considerable chunk of your time but it is easier to start with an empty space and fill it rather than simply pushing things around. If you line things up on the counter, someone else can help by putting the items in some type of order.
  • Divide items into categories. Now that you have your storage containers ready, what do you do? Segregate! Use heavy trash bags or clear, sturdy containers (such as Sterilite storage boxes) and pile your things in four different categories. Make sure you separate items that you want to KEEP from those you need to THROW AWAY (items that you no longer need or use and are broken). You should also start a pile of items that you intend to DONATE (preferably items that are still in good condition) and those that you need to RELOCATE (items that belong to another room).
  • Use appropriate containers to organize your things. Choosing the right type of container can help ensure that your things are properly protected. If you are going to store a lot of stuff, you may want to stay away from large containers since they can get too heavy once they are packed.
  • Label your containers. Better yet, provide a detailed list for each of your storage containers. Paste a copy right on the container and keep another copy in your files to help you keep track of all your stuff.

Organizing Your Home with Decorative Storage Containers

Coaster Home Furnishings Storage Bench-Beige
Coaster Home Furnishings Storage Bench-Beige
Modern storage containers have evolved and are now pretty as well as functional. Purchase ones that match your decor in each room and integrate them in the design so no one would even notice they are being used for storage. Take a look at this decorative storage containers. Pretty cool, huh?

Using Storage Containers in Decluttering Your Space

Make Use of All Available Space: Another Useful Tip in Organizing Your Home

Try to think of creative ways to organize your things. In the kitchen, for example, appliances or extra containers can be stored on top of the cabinets as long as they don't extend all the way to the ceiling. That's extra storage space without benefit of a storage container.

In the bedroom, you can store winter clothes in flat storage bins that slide easily under the bed or the dresser. If you want a really good underbed storage, choose one that has a slim design to maximize storage space.

No space for your shoes? No problem. Store your shoes or other smaller belongings in underbed storage boxes (preferably those that comes with cedar). Slide them under your bed and forget about them. The cedar inserts will help protect your shoes from any odors, damage caused by insects, mildew or other detriments.

Getting organized at home takes time.

But once you get through the initial hurdles, returning everything you use in their proper places will help you maintain a more organized home.

Organize Your Closet

Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit, Titanium, 4-8 Ft., Wire Shelving Kit with Expandable Shelving and Telescoping Rods, Custom Closet Organization  System, Easy Installation
Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Closet Kit, Titanium, 4-8 Ft., Wire Shelving Kit with Expandable Shelving and Telescoping Rods, Custom Closet Organization  System, Easy Installation
Have easy access to folded clothes, shoes, boxes, hats and more with this 5 tier custom closet organizing kit. Easily fits closets from 4-8 feet in length without cutting any of the materials. Shelves and hanging rods are adjustable for up to 10 feet of hang space and 22 feet of shelf space. Long lasting epoxy, satin nickel or chrome finish. Will not stain or snag.

Organize Your Home Office

Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer, 21W x 11 3/4""D x 16""H, Black (1738583)
Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer, 21W x 11 3/4""D x 16""H, Black (1738583)
This versatile organizer features a sturdy black metal frame with composite wood top and base, and 10 removable black shelves and plastic tabs for labeling each slot. Removable shelves allow for customization and storage of taller items. Measures 21.14 x 15.98 x 11.88 Inches.

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