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Great Gifts for the Gardener

Updated on December 5, 2014
naturegirl7s profile image

Yvonne writes about and photographs the flora and fauna of Louisiana, sharing knowledge she learned through study and personal experience.

Candelabra flower is an annual Cassia which is the larval plant of sulfur butterflies.
Candelabra flower is an annual Cassia which is the larval plant of sulfur butterflies. | Source

Gifts for Plant Lovers

We are avid gardeners and we know that many non-gardeners don't know what kind of gift we would like to receive, so we are publishing a list of our most desired gift items. Whether the gift is for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day or Easter, you'll find something here that any plantsman should love.

Most gardeners like similar things so this should help all of you who are racking your brains for what to give the plant lover on your list. We have lots of ideas for both women and men, so take a look and maybe you'll find something that will please one of your planting friends on any special occasion.

What Can You Get the Plant Lover on Your List?

Some Suggestions

We are gardeners. In fact we love to garden. Nothing is more satisfying than to get your hands dirty and to spend several peaceful hours in nature helping things grow. As gardeners, we have made a list of some of the gifts that we would love to receive on any of those special occasions throughout the year.

My mother always said that if you want to please someone, you should give them something that you would like to receive. These are things that we would use and enjoy. So if you have any planters on your list, then scroll down to take a look. You may get some good ideas about what to give Aunt Paula or Uncle John and you might just enjoy the pictures we've provided.

Indian Pink Poster

We enjoy photographing the flowers and wildlife in our yard. Most people would enjoy a pretty poster, print or other visual art. We have provided a few pretty floral pictures here to brighten up your day. Native Indian Pinks are my favorite flower. They grow in shade and are striking in the landscape. The fact that hummingbirds love them only adds to their charm.

Indian Pink Poster and other art photo designs, mugs and calendars shown here by naturegirl7 can be purchased on Zazzle.

Plants for American Landscapes

One of the premier books on landscaping and plant identification. A must for all serious gardeners. It contains over 800 full color illustrations and excellent descriptions noting the size, zones, growing conditions and landscape use. Odenwald's older book, Identification Selection and Use of Southern Plants for Landscape Design is also a good choice.

We All Love Tools and Gadgets that Make the Work Easier

Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy

Planters love this handy caddy that fits on a weeding bucket. All those needed tools fit in the caddy on the outside so they are within reach during weeding or pruning sessions and there's a place for the cuttings or weeds... such a neat gadget.

Get a bucket for the caddy and fill it with gadgets and the apron and you'll make someone very happy.

Aprons with Big Pockets

Aprons with big pockets for tools, gloves, seeds, ties, etc. come in handy when you are potting plants, pruning, transplanting or dead heading. Sturdy fabric that covers the chest keeps your clothes clean. No more searching for the clippers or trowel that you put down. They're right there in the apron pocket.

Wildflowers of Louisiana Poster

Wildflowers include leather-flower clematis, red buckeye, blue violets, flame azalea, Indian pink, southern magnolia, copper iris, pink native azalea and liatris.
Wildflowers include leather-flower clematis, red buckeye, blue violets, flame azalea, Indian pink, southern magnolia, copper iris, pink native azalea and liatris.

A Christmas Cactus is Fun!

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers - There are oodles of rare and unusual plants and flower seeds including perennial plants available on ebay. Many are easy to germinate and care for.

Christmas and Easter cactus (Zygocactus) are some of the most beautiful succulent plants. They do well as house plants or on a porch during warm weather. When they aren't blooming, they prefer dry soil so they thrive on neglect.

Calendars are beautiful and useful gifts

Butterflies and Flowers of LA Calendar

Nature Calendars to Enjoy All Year Long

Gardeners need to keep track of plantings and some even plant by the full moon, so calendars are a must have. Here are a few of the beautiful nature calendars that are available on Zazzle. There's a wonderful photo on every page and gardeners who are also crafters can recycle the photos.

All calendars can be customized. You can change the year, special dates, style and even the photos. These calendars are a great green gift.

Tchefunte Seasons Calendar

Butterflies & Flowers of Louisiana and Tchfuncte Seasons Calendars are designed by naturegirl7.

The Tchefuncte River in Louisiana is protected by the Scenic Rivers Act. It is a lovely river, with cypress trees and plenty of birds and wildlife.

Hobby Grower Enthusiast™ Special Edition Greenhouse 6x8'
Hobby Grower Enthusiast™ Special Edition Greenhouse 6x8'

If you can't build a custom greenhouse or you need something smaller, this one may suit your needs. It has many good design features.


Hobbygrower Greenhouse

Deep down inside, every gardener wants his/her own greenhouse. This one is not too large and should fit nicely into any backyard. We all would love to have a place to save those less cold hardy plants during the winter and it's also a great place to start vegetable, herb and flower seeds for the spring garden. Some even grow citrus trees in theirs.

For southern gardeners, a portable greenhouse that could be erected during winter and taken down for the rest of the year might be a good choice.

Plants and Seeds Are Always Appreciated

Window Greenhouse Seed Starting Kit

Burpee 36 Cell Greenhouse Kit - Great for Seed Starting
Burpee 36 Cell Greenhouse Kit - Great for Seed Starting

I've used Burpee products and this one would start enough vegetables or herbs for most backyard gardens.


Seed Starting Kits

Plant lovers start flowers, vegetables and herbs from seed. There are kits which make it easy. Collections of seeds or plants are always appreciated especially herbs, vegetables or fruits so tucking some packages of seeds in would sweeten the gift. Put it all in a large basket with a handle that could be used for gathering herbs and veggies, add a big bow and the present is complete.

Heirloom Plants

Heirloom plants are easy to care for and hardy. They have survived under adverse conditions for years and many are used by wildlife. Antique roses and other old favorites have been passed along for generations.

Most heirloom roses are very fragrant and don't require chemical sprays and pesticides like many of the modern hybrid teas. They are the only type of rose that I grow. The rose hips are high in vitamin C and can be used in teas and jellies. Start a family tradition with a rose plant. I have always treasured an old pink rose that was passed down from my mother. It grows in a prominet place in the memory garden.

Gardeners Love Pretty Things

Crabapple Blossom Mug

Pretty Floral Designs on Zazzle

Wildflower fruit tree designs set includes mugs with photographs of Crabapple, Wild Plum, Mayhaw and Huckleberry blooms.

Fruit Trees

Native or cultivated fruit trees such as the ones pictured on the mugs would be a good present for someone who was interested in a sustainable landscape. These plants would produce beautiful flowers and delicious edible fruit for years. I especially like mayhaw and plum trees. The fruit from both can be used to make delicious jelly.

Monarch on Lantana Print

Most butterflies, including monarchs, are attracted to lantana.
Most butterflies, including monarchs, are attracted to lantana.

Gardeners Gift Poll

Which gift would you like to receive?

See results

Magnolia Blossom Print

Magnolias have large, fragrant flowers. The seed cones are also attractive.
Magnolias have large, fragrant flowers. The seed cones are also attractive.

© 2008 Yvonne L B

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    • latishaalford profile image


      5 years ago

      This lens is simply beautiful and very informative

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Yup, you avid gardeners do have an edge up on knowing what gardeners at all levels would appreciate as a gift with a great variety of products and price ranges to fit everyone's taste and budget. I particularly love your Indian Pink poster, so simply complex and elegant! Congratulations on home page honors!

    • Sara Krentz profile image

      Sara Krentz 

      5 years ago from USA

      Wonderful list; I see so many things that I would love : )

    • Judith Nazarewicz profile image

      Judith Nazarewicz 

      5 years ago from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

      Love your lens and I'm a gardener and your choice of gifts is spot on!

    • KarenHC profile image


      5 years ago from U.S.

      I'd love to have the Fiskars garden caddy / weeding bucket, and/or the Farmer's Market calendar -- I need to point this page toward my husband :-)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am the original thumb of dead plants. Hoping your lens will give me more to work with. ps--There's a wonderful day lilly farm and web site in Missouri.

    • NuttSoRuff profile image


      5 years ago

      I just started trying my hand at gardening this past summer. It sure is a learning experience but I found that it is a healthy outlet to get your mind of things.

    • Essentially Ind profile image

      Essentially Ind 

      5 years ago

      it's beautiful and natural gift.........:)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Excellent choices for gardener gifts.

    • graphite75 profile image


      5 years ago

      Lots of great gift ideas!

    • treehousebrando1 profile image


      5 years ago

      I don't have a garden to tend to currently, but when I own a house I'd like to think I would have one. I like the idea of creating an atmosphere around your home that's appealing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Gardeners would appreciate any of these gifts for sure! Nice lens!

    • kingsrookie lm profile image

      kingsrookie lm 

      6 years ago

      Found this on Squidom and had to check it out! Made a similar lens but yours is really great looking!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens! I saw several things I hope are under the tree with my name on them.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Naturegirl,

      Just wanted to say thankyou for featuring my Seasons 2009 calendar on your lense!

      What a fabulous lense it is....looks great:)


    • Kiwisoutback profile image


      9 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great work! Cool color scheme on the lens, looks nice.


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