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Grape Vines – The Way to Better Grape Growing

Updated on November 19, 2009

Grape Vines and Grape Growing

Growing grapes takes about 165 to 180 days and vines need to be taken care of properly. It’s important to choose the kind of grape vines that will grow well in the type of climate where you live and the type of soil that you have. Only choose plants that aren’t diseased, well rooted and at least 1-year-old. The seedless varieties are usually the most disease resistant. Cut the root to check for a light colour and firmness. Grape vines needs to have excellent soil to ensure they grow healthy. They can grow in several different types of soil but grow best in drained loamy or sandy soil. The best range for soil PH should be 6.0 to 7.2.

When growing grapes the grape vines should be planted approximately eight feet apart and if you plant the rows about eight to ten feet apart you will get the absolute best productivity. You can make the rows about three feet apart if you don’t have much space. The planting hole should have enough room for the root system to grow properly. Grape vines also need lots of sun so they need to be put in a place where there’s direct sunlight. If possible, each side of the vine likes an equal amount of sun. A trellis system will help the sun reach every flower cluster on the vine. Grapes vines should not be planted near trees, buildings or anywhere there’s a lot of shade because it can prevent grape formation.

Pruning grapes is another very important part of growing grapes and is beneficial for grape quality. Without proper pruning the amount of grapes produced and the size of the grapes will decrease. After vines are set using a trellis system they should be pruned to one stem and cut back to only a few buds. Pruning can be done in winter, but not during severe winter weather. Over and under pruning will cause grapes to be not as healthy.  One particular expert says on his blog about how to grow grapes, that a grape vine reacts to the way you prune. Which means you will have fruit if you prune for fruit and you will have shoots if you prune for shoots.

Another important part of growing grape vines is air circulation; this prevents disease which can occur if the air is able to stagnant. Air circulation will also keep the vines moisture free and dry so there’s less chance for fungus to grow. Don’t plant grape vines anywhere that interferes with air circulation or movement.

Taste the grapes for sweetness when they’re ripe and before you harvest. A grape that’s very ripe will have more of a robust flavor. Growing grapes properly will give you healthy and delicious grapes.


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