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Natural Latex Mattres Good for Back Pain

Updated on February 22, 2023
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Lorna is a homemaker and a homeschooled mom. Her interest includes: cooking, baking, walking and spending time with friends.


Looking for a Mattress

My husband started to have back problem, our ten year-old spring mattress was making it worse. We were due to buy a new mattress. We we having problem in finding a good mattress. We could not decide what kind of mattress we shall buy. We were thinking of buying a sleep number bed, but I didn't feel comfortable with it. We started browsing furniture stores, driving around town to look for a bed that will provide comfort and restful nights for us. We tried lying on few memory foams, spring beds and other types of mattress. They did not feel right. We got frustrated going from one furniture store to another and finding nothing that we really wanted.

Looking for a comfortable bed is so frustrating and confusing. I would never thought, we would buy one online and would really love it. It took us a lot of researched and a lot of thinking before we decided to order one. We were so happy with our purchased. The best of all the beds we ever had.

The drawback is, it's so heavy and it's hard to put the zippered encasement bed protector cover.

Natural Latex - Dunlop and Talalay

We never heard about Latex mattress until we started searching the internet. We looked into a lot of websites and the one that really stood out was Habitat Furnishing*. Their website gave a lot of information and answers to a lot of our questions. My husband and I decided to call them to inquire more about this kind of mattress. Their customer service was great. They were very helpful and were very patient with us. We did not order during the first call - we made several calls before we decided to purchase. It was so scary for us to order an unknown product that we never seen and feel. But the positive customer reviews and the people at habitat who were so helpful, influenced our decision to order the mattress. I'm glad we made that decision. I wish we did not wait that long - we never had a mattress this comfortable. After we made an order, they immediately sent our welcome kit with a free bed protector. The free 2 pillows came next and the mattress came after few weeks, they made it after we placed our order. Production time was about 2 to 3 weeks.

There are two procedure to make a latex mattress: dunlop is the traditional process used to manufacture latex. The thick rubber sap is whipped into a froth in the centrifuge, poured into a mold and steamed. The natural sediments of the mixture setted to the bottom of the mold. Dunlop is more denser and firmer. Talalay is a process where the latex is poured in the mold, sealed and continue in a vacuum chamber and flash frozen before it is baked. It is more consistent and softer and more expensive than Dunlop.

*Habitat Furnishing closed their factory

Organic Wool Cover

This is a queen size mattress, it's 104 pounds. A combination of 6 inches of dunlop and 2 inches of talalay at the top. Delivered free shipping through UPS.

It's been a year since we purchased this mattress. I like the organic wool cover on it. The mattress is still very comfortable. The pillow is out of this world. My husband and I could not use any other pillows anymore. I never heard my husband complaining about his back since we had this mattress! I have asthma, and very sensitive to smell. Latex did have some smell, they said it will diminished in time, but I still smell it more this winter. This is the first winter we have this mattress. The smell bothers me that I have to change beddings very so often. My only complain is the smell --rubber and garlic like smell.

Habitat Furnishings gave this product a 20 year prorated warranty and 185 days money back trial period. Now they made it into 365 days money back trial period. Except for the smell, we are very satisfied with this mattress, no back or neck pains.

If we will be buying new bed in a near future, we will surely still buy latex mattress. The only thing that bothered me at first was the smell of the latex. It was strong in the first few months. Maybe some people could not take the smell though. It might not be good especially to those people who are allergic to latex.

***11/28/13 it's been 3 years since we bought this mattress, it is still very comfy. There is still a little smell, when it became more noticeable, that is my indication to change beddings.

Updated - May 12, 2022, The mattress is still good after more than ten years of use. The pillows fell apart. If I have a chance I will buy this mattress again.

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Customer opening latex mattress from Habitat Furnishings

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Lorna


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