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Find a Hall Tree With Mirror

Updated on February 19, 2013

Mirrored Hall Tree Furniture with Storage

Sometimes, even if you have a closet near your doorway, it's so much easier to hang your coats and organize your shoes on an open air coat rack. The hall trees are not just hooks, but also have storage benches and sometimes umbrella stands. They range from simple to ornate like the option pictured to the left.

If I had an unlimited budget I would buy this.

For one of these items, you can expect to spend at least $400 up to $1600. There are cheaper items, like a freestanding coat rack, but you will not receive a storage bench, an umbrella stand or a mirror for that price.

All of the following options have a mirror of some kind, the one you choose depends on what you prefer. Some have a full length mirror while others just have a mirror at the top. Some have multiple half mirrors.

All also have storage that will help you organize your front hall.

Images Courtesy of Amazon

Hall Trees with a Bench & Mirror

Coat Hall Trees

These are your standard coat hall trees with mirrors. Only one has a full length mirror, while the other two have small mirrors you canuse to check you makeup and hair. All come with hooks and a storage bench in which you can throw your shoes. These are three very different options with different finishes -- they'll look good in many homes with a open wall at the front door. The first option is the most dependable and receives the best reviews.

Brewester Hall Tree with Storage Bench and MirrorClick for Best Price

Powell Furniture Mission Oak Hall Tree with Storage BenchClick for Best Price

Walnut Finish Hall Tree Coat Hanger with Storage BenchClick for Best Price

Wooden Hall Trees with Mirrors

Mirrored Hall Tree

I separated out these two options, because they are slightly different than the previous options. Although the price point is abut the same, they have more ornate options. If you are looking for a more elegant option than the ones above look no further than here. These also have hooks, a mirror and benches.

Powell Furniture Heirloom Cherry Hall Tree with Storage BenchClick for Best Price

Contemporary "Merlot" Hall Tree with Storage BenchClick for Best Price

Higher End Coat Tree Racks with Mirrors

Hall Tree Storage Ideas

Wow. Wow. If you have a large budget for an item like this, these are AWESOME -- ornate, functional and really really pretty. These are expensive, but they are all hand-made and super detailed. Made by the same company, Laurel Crown Furniture, these would be a treat in any home.

Mahogany Hall Tree with Umbrella StandsClick for Best Price

Mahogany Hall TreeClick for Best Price

Mahogany Hall Tree A with Telephone StandClick for Best Price

Find Antique Mirrored Hall Trees on eBay - Cheaper, More Unique Coat Racks with Mirrors

This is a lens that truly benefits from an eBay module. Take a look at these options to find antiques and/or cheaper versions of the options above. This is constantly updating, so take a look around the eBay website for more auctions.

See All Mirrored Hall Trees

Click Here for More Coat Racks with Mirrors

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