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Heatilator Fireplace Blower

Updated on April 7, 2012

Choosing the right blower for your home

Buy a Heatilator Blower

A fireplace blower is a great way to drastically reduce your home heating cost. The downfall with brick fireplaces is that they heat your house unevenly. While a small area gets warmed up most of your living area does not receive any of that heat. This is a colossal waste because your energy bills could be drastically reduced if only you could harness all this extra energy.

That's where a fireplace blower comes in handy. Fireplace blowers that can fit your Heatilator fireplace are widely available and can pay for themselves in energy savings in a matter of months.A brick hearth blower, also referred to as a fireplace blower, works by blowing all the extra energy your fire produces out into your living area. Installation is a snap too, you only need to take a a couple easy to follow steps.

Fireplace Blowers Save Big Bucks!

A fireplace blower helps to maximize the useful of your existing fireplace by blowing the heat it makes out into the room it is found in. A typical fireplace only produces heat in the small area around it while most of the warmth travels up the chimney. A fireplace blower fixes this issue by blowing all of this lost heat out into your room. Once this useful heat is pushed out into your house it will then work its way all over all over the house, providing you an easy source of winter heat. Imagine the savings if you could slash your heating bill in half!

The blower will fit any standard 110 volt outlet that is near your fireplace and does not use much power to work. The blower even knows when to switch itself off so it will not run up your electricity bill either.

Choosing a Heatilator Fireplace Blower

Lets take a look at how to get ready to install your new Heatilator fireplace blower.

Find Your Nearest Power Outlet
The first choice in choosing your new Heatilator hearth blower depends on where you have a power outlet located. Figure out whether your electrical outlet is on the left or right side of the fireplace and then measure from the power source to the fireplace. If your power outlet is located on the right side of your fireplace you will need a "right handed model." Otherwise you will need to get a "left handed model." This refers to where the motor is located on your fireplace heater so the power cord will not get in the way of your fire.

Measuring the Size of Your hearth Interior
The next step is to measure the size of your hearth interior. This will help you pick a fireplace fan that will fit properly in your fireplace. Measure across the width of the front of the fireplace opening and then measure from the front of the brick fireplace interior to the back to get the depth. Picking a properly sized hearth heater will make sure that you get the most for your money and if you have a set of Heatilator fireplace doors the hearth blower will fit snugly behind them.

Benefits of the Heatilator Fireplace Blower
One of the best features of a Heatilator fireplace blower is its ability to shut itself on and off automatically without fumbling with any switches. The blower automatically comes on when your fireplace reaches 110 degrees, pushing all that extra heat into your home. When the fireplace cools down below 90 degrees the blower shuts off by itself, keeping you from having to shut it off yourself.

Heatilator Blowers by Model

Below are all heatilator model numbers that will fit these Brick-Anew Fireplace Blowers

Heatilator fireplace blowers by model:




































Icon 100

Icon I60

Icon I80










Other Heatilator Fireplace Products

If you are looking for a great way to save money on bills you may also be interested in a set of fireplace doors to fit your Heatilator fireplace. A set of Heatilator fireplace doors is an inexpensive way to save a bunch of money by using the energy your fireplace is already making. How about seeing what a set of fireplace doors could do for you? Begin your search for a fireplace door retailer by visiting My Fireplace to find dealers by state and town.

If you are looking around the internet for more great mantel decorating ideas then you may want to take the time to read my other lenses. I have several years of interior decorating experience so I am positive that you can find something that will suit your home and its d├ęcor. Please see my main lens on fireplace mantel decoration ideas for more great ideas!

Don't Forget the Rest of the House

When you are renovating your home, take a moment to consider some of the great options available to help your home achieve that perfect look. New windows and doors go a long way to improve the value of your home and make a lasting investment. Many distributors are available to help you find the perfect architectural hardware for your home. For example, a set of Maritech Windows look absolutely wonderful in any new home and can help cut down on the heating and air bill for your home this year.

Fireplace Improvements: Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking for other ways to improve your fireplace this season, consider a few coats of paint or a little decorating to increase the visual impact of your hearth. Painting your fireplace is an extremely affordable to improve the value of your home. To learn about fireplace painting and other finishing options please visit my article on refacing a fireplace.

The fireplace mantel is another fireplace accessory that often gets overlooked. By putting up a few pictures and decorating items you can dramatically improve the look and feel of your mantel. Take the time to read my blog on fireplace mantel decorating ideas to learn about all of the great ways that you showcase your home's mantel.

Another great option for improving the value of your fireplace is to paint the brick surround. Please take the time to read my Tumblr page on fireplace painting to learn how a little fireplace paint can do wonders for the value of your home. Lighten and brighten any room with a brick fireplace to give your outdated fireplace a fresh new look.


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