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Ideas To Organize Your Home

Updated on October 27, 2016

Declutter Your Home

Are you overwhelmed with a big mess and you feel like you don't know where to start? Do you need ideas to organize your home? Well, you came to the right place! Taking control of the clutter in your home can be too much sometimes, and you just can't figure out what the first step is. It just seems like there is too much. Take a deep breath and learn what you can do to take control of the mess and start to declutter your home.

Organize Your Home Room By Room

Tips to take to regain control of a giant mess

Okay, so you have a mess on your hands. You are tired of seeing this clutter and you don't know where to start. Its just too overwhelming!

This is going to take some time and patience, but you can do this, I promise. I know because I too had a little problem with a mess a few years ago. I was what you would call a paper hoarder. I would keep all of my bills from years back, and would stack them in a neat little (okay, big) pile and set it aside so that I could file it later. Well, it got a little (okay, a lot) out of control. So, one weekend I decided enough with this already! It was embarrassing because I would have a guest come over to my home and they would see these paper piles and I thought, wow! I am so embarrassed.

The first step is realizing you have this problem with a mess. Try to look at it with new eyes. Like you are the guest entering someones home and you see the mess there. You would probably think... Oh wow what a mess! right? Okay, so now you have looked at it from another view point.

The next step is actually taking the time to clean this mess up and start Organizing your home. If you have someone that cares enough to help, get them involved.

Now you are ready for the actual task of cleaning this up. Buy yourself some storage containers, and make sure they are quality containers because you will need them to hold the things that you really want to keep for a long time. You will be storing these containers in a closet or the garage so make sure they have a good lid.

Buy at least 3 good containers. You may need more, but 3 or 4 is usually good for a one to two bedroom home.

If you have a lot of stuff you will need to separate your stuff into piles. First look at the mess and assess what is there. Let's say you have clothes, plates and home decor, and papers. There will be other things but I am using this as an easy example.

You will want to take the clothes only and put them in one big pile first. Then go grab all of the plates and home decor (home decor could be vases, lamps, collectibles etc.) and put them in the next pile, then finally the papers in the next pile.

Go over to the containers and put a sign on the containers labeling them. Donate, Keep, and Trash.

Now, take the clothes pile and figure out what you would like to keep and what you can give to Goodwill. Be honest with yourself. Are you going to wear that outfit again? Really? If you say yes, then hang it up in your closet right away. If you say no, then put it in the first container. This is the Donation container. Do this with all of the clothes pile until it is all gone. Don't do anything else until it's finished. You can have your loved one help by having them either hang up the clothes for you or they can label the containers. Whatever you can think of that will help.

Next, go to the home decor pile and start doing the same steps. Do you really need 15 vases? Try to take the number of vases down to a small number like 2 or 3. Maybe your grandmother gave you one that holds sentimental value. But, do not do this with every vase. Make sure you get rid of most of them. so, continue to do this with all of the home decor that you have. Donate the ones that you don't want to Goodwill. Someone else can use these items. Think about that for a minute, there are people who are very poor and could use some plates or a lamp. It is not doing anyone any good by just sitting in a pile at your home. When someone could use this. So, give it up to someone else. It's a great feeling to not only get rid of the clutter but to give it to someone who really could use it.

And finally, the paper (I'm and expert at this) The paper is actually easy. The only thing that is a small setback with the paper is the time it take to go through it. With bills I made a rule. If it is more than 2 years old "Shred it" I bought a paper shredder and shred all of my old bills now. I even shred or throw away any junk mail right away! You will need to go through and see what can be thrown in the trash and what needs to be shredded.

Once you have finished using these containers for separating them into Donate, Keep and Trash you can now re-use these container for storage of the items you have decided to keep. You could use one of the containers for china or vases that you aren't using and wrap them in paper or bubble paper and store that container in the attic or the garage. Then the next container you could put your family photo albums into or yearbooks from school and do the same thing with that container. Put it into the attic or the garage. And, just continue to do this until all of the items you are keeping will go into those containers for storage.

The items you have decided to keep and use in your home will just go into the places you will be using them. Good luck and happy organizing!

Best Paper Shredders - Shred extra paper that is laying around.

Shred the papers that have your name, address or any other personal information on them instead of just throwing it into the trash. It's just good safety practice to avoid getting your identity stolen.


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