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Buy JW Stannard Outdoor Wind Chimes Wind Spinners Cheaper Online

Updated on June 13, 2011

Use Outdoor Wind Chimes for classic symphonic sound for your home and garden or landscaping design.

Whether walking through your yard landscaping, relaxing on your patio, or in your garden, the soothing symphonic sound from premium J. W. Stannard musical outdoor wind chimes can add that special touch to the moment.

Wind chimes are frequently associated with Chinese bamboo wind chimes or Japanese design windchimes, but several American outdoor wind chime companies have taken chimes to the "next level" with premium wind chimes that use copper, bronze, aluminum, or steel chime tubes to recreate specific classic musical scales or notes. Like corinthian bells wind chimes. The tones from these chimes will impress your guests and visitors in ways a "tinkle-tinkle" wind chime never could. Whether your choice is bamboo wind chimes, or corinthian bells, or even solar wind chimes, you can add magic to your yard or deck.

J. W. Stannard Premium Musical Outside Wind Chimes

**there is an audio link under each chimes picture that lets you hear each chime

Wind Chimes or Wind Sculptures Shopping Guide

The J. W. Stannard Co. is a leading designer and manufacturer of hand-tuned musical wind chimes. The Stannard chime is known as the benchmark for tonal quality and note clarity.

Combining the quality of JW Stannard with the low prices and guaranteed buyer satisfaction of make a winning combination.

Buying a Stannard premium musical windchime is an investment in your environment and a testament to your taste for quality and performance..

J. W. Stannard Moonlight Wind Chime
J. W. Stannard Moonlight Wind Chime

J.W. Stannard Hand-Tuned Moonlight Windchimes

Enjoy the rich melodies of the Moonlight Wind Chime.

Beethoven's Opus 27 #2 'Moonlight Sonata' is the inspiration for the J.W. Stannard Moonlight Wind Chime. Each of the eight chimes are hand-tuned, ensuring every chime plays exactly the notes listed.

Just click on the audio link under the picture to hear this chime.

A perfect choice for that "serenity" spot in your secret garden nook, or the benched rest-way in your landscape plan, almost like a wind sculpture.

And with Amzon you can get the best prices online for these incredibly durable, weather-resistant authentic musical tone windchimes. (even less than ebay prices!)


J. W. Stannard Sunrise Wind Chime
J. W. Stannard Sunrise Wind Chime

J. W. Stannard Sunrise Wind Chime

With the J. W. Stannard Sunrise Wind Chime, you hear the crisp notes of a new day dawning. This chime would be perfect for areas of contemplation, whether it be in your garden, landscape design, or your patio

This breathtaking chime features a Brazilian agate hand picked for its color and "fire".

Rings the pure musical notes of E, F#, G#, B, C#, E. The 6 tubular 1" hand tuned bells will maintain their perfect pitch and never rust.

All wooden parts are made from ash, a weather resistant hardwood and hand rubbed with three coats of marine varnish to preserve the natural luster.

Check these out on (on the right) With prices better than ebay, and Amazon's buyer's guarantee program, you will be glad you did.

J. W. Stannard Tabernacle Wind Chime
J. W. Stannard Tabernacle Wind Chime

JW Stannard Tabernacle Windchime

Add a beautiful Tabernacle Wind Chime to your home or garden space. Reminiscent of ringing Corinthian bells and ancient bell towers, the Tabernacle is made of four tubular chimes tuned to the notes E, F#, G# and B.

This Wind Chime brings a sense of somber peace to your home or garden. This large silver chime has dark wood accents to make it not only a sound extravaganza, but also a visual treat that will make it the perfect anchor for your special landscape focal point.

At 72 inches long this chime will be the center of attraction where ever you place it. Make a statement of quality and taste to your guests and visitors with this piece.Naturally finished Bubinga wood elements make this wind chime a beautiful work of hanging art and sound.


  • 72 inch overall length
  • each chime individually tuned
  • made with "Diamond cord" for durability
  • magnetic clapper to "silence" chime when desired
  • Burbinga wooden components, coated with marine-grade varnish

J,W. Stannard Duet Wind Chime
J,W. Stannard Duet Wind Chime

JW Stannard Harmony Duet Wind Chime

With the Stannard Harmony Duet Wind Chime it is almost like getting two windchimes in one. Beautifully crafted for visual as well as musical harmony, these chimes will stop you in your tracks as you listen in amazement to the pairing of rich and delicate tones in one chime.

J.W. Stannard duet chimes feature two types of tubular chimes that compliment each other. Black inner chimes are surrounded by silver outer windchimes to create a beautiful harmony of delicate highs and deep, rich low tones.

The Harmony Wind Chime is made of six tubular bells tuned to E, C#, B, G#, F# and E (which are silk screened on the wind-catcher), that create true harmonies with magical mixtures of sound.

Black finished Ash wood elements make this wind chime a beautiful work of hanging art and sound.



J. W. Stannard Lark Wind Chime
J. W. Stannard Lark Wind Chime

J.W. Stannard Lark Wind Chime

Make a beautiful addition to your home or garden space with the Lark Songbird outdoor wind chime by J.W. Stannard.

Inspired by the bright melody of the Lark’s song, this six tube chime has metal chimes tuned to the notes E, F#, G#, B, C# and E (which are engraved on its wind-catcher).

Bring a springtime feeling to your home or garden, and a spot of sunlight and gaiety to your garden or patio with this musical wind chime.

Naturally finished Ash wood elements make this wind chime a beautiful work of hanging art and sound.


  • 28 inch overall length
  • Ash wood elements
  • Diamond cord hanging cord
  • engraved wind catcher

J.W. Stannard uses it's tuning craftsmanship to bring these beautiful light tones in a compact length chime, and uses its buying power to get you the best prices! (ebay can't touch this!)

More JW Stannard Wind Chimes

Want More?

And Remember ... when you buy on you are buying from the most trusted online marketplace - with guaranteed Buyer Satisfaction protection!

ps. If you were looking for wind spinners instead of wind chimes then you can check out this:


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JW Stannard Tabernacle Wind Chime
JW Stannard Tabernacle Wind Chime

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    • Topnewhottoys profile image

      Topnewhottoys 6 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland

      Great hub, and a nice touch adding the audio buttons so you can hear the wind chimes sounds

    • profile image

      Garden Wind Chimes 7 years ago

      I agree with Kartika. I also have some of these wind chimes and yes they stay up year round as well.

    • profile image

      Kathy Shepherd 8 years ago

      Wind chimes make such a lovely gift and there are so many different styles now. I just saw one yesterday in the style of a giraffe. It was very cute.

    • Appletreedeals profile image

      Appletreedeals 8 years ago from Salisbury, Maryland USA

      Thanks for the comment Kartika, these are great, you should check out the Music of the Spheres wind chimes too, awesome tones

    • kartika damon profile image

      kartika damon 8 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

      I have these chimes and they are awesome! Love the music and I leave them up all winter!