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Home Security Monitoring Systems

Updated on May 21, 2010

Home Security Systems


In the beginning home security systems were found in the homes of wealthy people.  Since those days, the alarm systems have reduced price and are now more affordable for median income earners.  There are a couple of different systems you could use, but most people choose the self installed systems.  They are relatively easy to install and come wired or wireless.  The alarm sensitivities can range from an actual break in or just someone moving around the house.  Some are even sensitive enough to react just to the sound of glass breaking.

Home security systems work in one of two ways.  They can either be tripped when the system closes the circuit of when the circuit is opened.  Just to avoid confusion, an open circuit system is triggered when the circuit closes and vice versa for the closed circuit systems.  For instance if my alarm is set, and I open the door, I just set off the alarm in a closed circuit system because now the circuit is broken.  If a door is opened in an open circuit system, the circuit is closed which then sets off the alarm.

Home Security Systems

Put your home and all your belongings on lockdown.
Put your home and all your belongings on lockdown.


The better systems are motion activated sensor systems.  They work whenever movement is detected by the sensor.  Think of your outdoor motion sensor light, but instead of the light coming on an alarm is set off.  These sensors can be strategically placed throughout the house and they are then programmed to react to certain types of movements.  If the sensors detect the predetermined movements, the alarm system can then notify the authorities. You may be considering whether or not this kind of security system would be right for you.  Questions forming in your mind may be in regards to pets, children, a sleepwalker.  Numerous scenarios can play through your mind as you consider a home security system.  With the motion activated security system you can adjust them so that they will consider the movements of various things like pets and children as harmless.  However, it is a fact that motion activated alarm systems are the most common ones out there today.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with a decision over which system is best.  You can and probably should use a combination of motion sensor technology as well as that of magnets.  The magnetic strips are placed in windows and door which will then create a closed circuit.  Whenever the circuit breaks the alarm goes off.  That subsystem of the total system is mainly for the exterior of your house, and then you can use motion sensors in the common areas of your home.  I personally only use motion activated lights on the exterior of my home as a deterrent more than anything, plus I use the magnetic strips in the doors and windows.

Setting is easy.
Setting is easy.

You can't always be there to take care of yourself


One more option in the self installed systems is a security camera.  These cameras are more common than you may originally think.  Remember such movies as “Meet the Parents” that’s what I’m talking about.  You can place them anywhere in your home, but I would place them so you look at a large open area as opposed to a wall.  Just make sure you set it right before placing it into operation.  Some people will place these inside and outside in strategic places.  Also make sure you review the video daily to avoid storing too much information.

The final option in a home security system is to hire a home security company to install it for you.  It is more expensive to do it this way, but the price is well worth it.  The companies that install alarm systems have 24 hour monitoring done remotely.  If at some point during the night your alarm is triggered the company will automatically notify and dispatch the police to your residence.  Some companies even offer their own security personnel and will dispatch them in lieu of the police.  So whether you’re home or not, your house and all its contents will be protected and will give you peace of mind, which is priceless.

This is good but won't help too much
This is good but won't help too much


I highly encourage you to make a sound investment in a home security system.  There are several to choose from, and are dependent on your budget.  If you’re like me, on a limited budget then I would definitely get a do-it-yourself system, but for folks of a more well off nature, I would suggest the services of home security system companies.  The costs for these systems are low anyway which makes them even better investments.  Think about how much it would cost you to replace everything within your home.

Thank you for reading and I hope you got something out of this article.

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