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Simple Ideas to Spruce up your Home

Updated on May 2, 2016

Stuff you need for these projects

You can read through this page and buy the tools depending on the project you choose to do. Some of the stationery that are absolutely needed are

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Scissors
  • Cello Tape
  • Markers

1. PET Bottle Flower Pots

After a lazy evening at home with friends, we are usually left behind with a few soda bottles. Instead of throwing them away, you can cut the bottle and paint it and use it as a flower pot.

Acrylic paints can be used to paint detailed figures. To get solid color pots, spray paints may be used. To add some embellishments permanent markers may be used.

If you want to use an image of a cartoon character, trace it on the bottle and cut the bottle accordingly. These can also be used as pen stands :)

Miffy, Tweety, Winnie and Kitty - Flowerpots/ Pen stands
Miffy, Tweety, Winnie and Kitty - Flowerpots/ Pen stands

2. DIY Photo Collage

A Few hooks, some twine or ribbon and a few clothes hanger clips is all one needs. Stick the hooks to the wall and join them using twine. Use either clothes hanger clips or paper clips to place pictures on the twine.

The advantage that this offers is that old photos can be easily removed and replaced with new ones.

My DIY Collage
My DIY Collage

3. Acrylic Paintings

Yet another project that needs acrylic paints. Acrylic Paints are versatile and can be used to paint plastics, canvas and fabrics. They are inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores or craft shops. A canvas, a few brushes, a set of acrylic paints and a mood to be artsy is enough to make simple paintings. Several tutorials are available online. Keep a bowl of water handy to clean your brushes.

A quick and beautiful acrylic painting
A quick and beautiful acrylic painting

Getting started with painting

4. Customised Coffee Mugs

A non-toxic ceramic marker is the only tool you need to personalize your ceramic plates, mugs and bowls. Grab a marker from the craft store and doodle on anything that is porcelain or glass.

Let the ink dry overnight and bake it in an oven at gas mark 4 for about 10 minutes and let it cool. You can then use the mug :)

5. Pillow Covers and Bed Sheets

One stroke techniques can be used to create beautiful floral patterns and table cloths, bed sheets and pillow cases. Either brushes or palette knives may be used to create the patterns. It requires a bit of practice. Hence it is better to have a rag handy to try the design on before printing it on the cloth.

Potatoes and other vegetables may be used to create a block printed effect. Fabric paints may be used, but acrylic paints are sufficient and serve the purpose.

Vegetable Printing (L) and One Stroke Painted (R) Pillow Covers
Vegetable Printing (L) and One Stroke Painted (R) Pillow Covers | Source

6. Earring Box

This does not particularly qualify as home decor yet it can make storage easier!

Tired of having to search for a particular earring in a box with a few hundreds? found one but can't find its pair? The chocolate box earring sorter is simply perfect. While Ferrero Rocher works best, other chocolate boxes are work well.

While the box itself is functional, it can be customised using acrylic paints! The box can be used to store small stationery items like bell pins and clips too!

7. Glass Jar Candles

Jam Jars can be used to make Candles. The ingredients needed are some wax, a crayon (for colour) and a piece of wick. Melt the wax and pour it in the jar and insert the wick. For aromatic candles add essential oils.

The jars may also be used as a candle holder for tea light candles.


8. Glow in the Dark Stars

As you like on your pillow and fall asleep see the stars on your ceiling come to life!

You can either paint your walls and ceiling with glow in the dark paint or use plastic glow sheets!

You might be able to get a few plastic stars for about a dollar!

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