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How to choose the right windows & doors For your house

Updated on November 10, 2012

Choosing the right windows & doors For your house.

You are about to spend thousands on new windows and doors but have you picked the right design to suit your house. Maybe you saw the same design in someone else's house and decided to copy them. Bad idea.
Windows & Doors in house's are just like clothes to people. What looks good on one, may look terrible on another.
So what do you do. Well we all know some people have great taste and all they need to do is look at something and they can pick the right design to suit.
But not all of us are like that and we need to get our ideas from somewhere.
So what are you going to do now. Well we are going to take someone else's idea and make it your own.

First thing you need to do is grab your camera. Than go take pictures of windows & doors that you think would suit your house. You don't need to go up close to take these pictures. From the road way is fine. Once you can see the whole house.
Now that you have picture's of what style you like. You must also take a picture of your own house. Try and take all your pictures from the same distance and angle. This will give you a better result overall.

Now load all the pictures onto your computer and open them in a picture editor. There are loads of free picture editors on the internet so don't go buying any just for this. Now all you have to do is open the picture of your house plus a picture of the windows you want. Than just copy the window section and paste it onto your house.
Do as many different designs as you can. Once you see your house with the new windows in. Choosing the designs that best suits your house should now be a whole lot easier.
The most important thing to remember is that everyone's taste is different. So the final say is yours and not someone else. Because it is you who will be coming home every day to this house.

Things to remember
Windows & doors also have a function as well. So now that you are thinking of changing them. Have a look at the openings do you need more or less. Because the more you put in the more your window costs. Maybe tilt & turn windows would suit better for easy cleaning because these can open inwards like a door. And don't forget about fire exits. These can now be built into almost any design window.

Lock & Hinges : There are many different types available now. Like hinges with easy clean built in. These are hinges that allow your sash to also slide across for easy cleaning of the glass on the outside. Your best option here is to ask your window supplier for all the different types that are available.

Colour's : Pvc windows & doors can now come in almost any colour you want. Plus you can get a colour on the outside and white on the inside. But just because a colour is in fashion now it may look silly in a few years time. So choose colours wisely. The same applies for glass design's to much of any design can just look rubbish.

Money : New windows & doors can cost quite a bit of money. But if you must cut back on design to save some money. Do it on the windows and not your front door. Because your front door is like an extension of yourself. When someone calls to your house and rings the door bell. While they are waiting for you to answer the door. They are looking at your front door. So if you have a nice looking front door people pick up on this and automatically assume you are nice to. Everyone does this so if they see a dirty ugly door while they are standing there what will they think of you. So take extra special care when choosing your front door.

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    • tobusiness profile image

      Jo Alexis-Hagues 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K

      Well now, I didn't know my front door says so much about me, I guest it's time to get out the wipes. :). A brilliant informative write, I love the idea of taking photos and trying them out in the picture editor. Voting up and useful.