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How To Clean Blinds Correctly

Updated on December 29, 2011
How To Clean Blinds Without Shortening The Life of Your Blinds
How To Clean Blinds Without Shortening The Life of Your Blinds

While window blinds are a nice alternative to shades, they are a pain to clean. Like any other surface, the slats of horizontal window blinds collect dust and dirt. This eventually leads to the blinds not being the attractive window treatment you once thought they were. Ask several friends how to clean window blinds and chances are you'll get several different answers. Unfortunately, one of those answer could cause more damage to your blinds.

How Not To Clean Blinds

One answer that frequently comes up is to clean the blinds in the bathtub or rinse them off with a garden hose. While this will clean the blinds, this method also shortens the life of your blinds. The blinds work through a series of strings. Getting the strings wet and drying them in the sun, eventually leads to dry-rot of the string. This results in the strings losing strength and eventually breaking.

The Better Way To Clean Blinds

There are tools available specifically for cleaning blinds that are not expensive. Most of them are hand-held devices with foam or feathered fingers. The slats of the blinds slip between the fingers. Simply swipe down the length of the slat and remove the dust. Many common brands such as 3M and Ace offer a variety of different blind cleaning tools. One of my personal favorites is the mini-blind brush by Ace.

When selecting a blind cleaning tool, it is important to factor in the ability to clean the tool. One of the reason I like the brush tool is because cleaning it is a matter of vacuuming. The fingers fit inside the hose nicely allowing the vacuum to take the dust and dirt off.

The Real Key to Clean Blinds

Although this is not what you want to hear, the best way to clean blinds and keep them clean is regular attention to the blinds. The longer the dust and dirt builds up, especially between the slats and string, the more difficult it is to clean blinds. Cleaning the blinds once a week keeps the dust and dirt to a minimum and also cuts the overall cleaning time.


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