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How to Decorate a Disney's Frozen Themed Bedroom

Updated on August 15, 2017

Let it Go and Create your Own Frozen Palace!

Frozen is one of my favorite movies of all time, and definitely my favorite Disney movie of all time, with a plot that breaks the standard mold of Disney Princess stories, characters which seem so alive and real and gorgeous visuals that blew my mind. I know that I'm not the only one who loves it so much - it's taken the world by storm.

As such, one thing that is definitely on my wish list this year, and that is to turn my bedroom into a Frozen themed wonderland! This post is going to be looking at all the Frozen bedroom décor I've found and loved, so read on if you have similar plans. I hope you find some ideas that are perfect for you and have a lot of fun decorating your new room.

Start with some Frozen Themed Bedding

The first thing you'll need when starting to decorate a Frozen themed bedroom is some cute bedding. There are a number of pieces out there, and they are all lovely so it's been really hard for me to choose my favorite! In the end I think I'm going to go for the 'Celebrate Love' bedding set featured above - I really love the art style and the feminine patterns and color scheme. It comes with a comforter as well as a sheet set.

Here's another piece of bedding that I really liked, featuring Anna, Elsa and the adorable Olaf. This bedding comes in both blue and pink, so you can add a bit of variety to your bedroom! Plus, the design is perfect both for teens, younger kids and adult fans like myself. This bedding comes complete with a duvet cover, a sheet and two matching pillows.


Shopping on a budget? A great alternative to buying a full bedding set with all of the bells and whistles is to pair your existing sheets with a cute Frozen themed blanket. You can find an abundance of these on Amazon, but I thought I would draw your attention to something a little different. Etsy has a variety of handmade Frozen pillows, fleeces and blankets that you can use to customize your room with, and many of them can even be personalized! These unique pieces would make a wonderful gift for any little Princess out there.

Throw in some Frozen Pillows...


Once you have your bedding, decorating the bed isn't necessarily over! If you have some budget left over, I recommend taking a peek at the range of Frozen themed cuddle pillows and shams out there which you can add to the mix. I'm a girl who loves having a big pile of pillows on her bed, so I'm definitely going to get some of these. My favorite is the Olaf shaped pillow featured above - he likes warm hugs!


In addition to Frozen themed pillows, snowflakes and other wintry, ice themed designs are very common on pillows and decorative cushions of all shapes and sizes, especially around Christmas time. In particular there is a huge variety of snowflake pillows available on Etsy, many of them unique and even more of them beautifully original.

My personal favorite of what is available on Etsy at the moment is the gorgeous jeweled snowflake embroidery pillow on the right. It would make a phenomenal decorative pillow for a bed or a sofa, and it fits into the Frozen theme absolutely perfectly. It is also a perfect piece for older Frozen fans, as it has a very sophisticated and adult design.

In any case, it by far isn't the only one out there, so be sure to shop around and find some pillows that are perfect for you and your style.

Time to Decorate your Walls!

White, light blue, light pink and other light pastel colors work well on a Frozen themed bedroom's walls, so if you are going all out and doing a bit of painting, those are the colors I would recommend. If you are feeling adventurous, you could also opt for a metallic color, such as a silver or an opalescent white.

With the walls painted, you will need to fill in those blank spaces so that they don't look bare. I recommend picking up some fun Frozen themed decals like the ones above - they look great, are easy to apply and they don't leave sticky marks on your walls when you take them off. Pretty cool! (Pun intended)


As well as official Frozen themed wall decals, you can ice up your walls with some more generic Christmas and winter themed decals, which allow you to create wonderful patterns on your walls without the end result looking too cluttered.

They match well with the official decals too! To get you started, check out the cute white snowflake decals on the right. They are very beautiful, and easy to apply and remove without leaving any marks on your walls.

If you have some extra time to devote to this project, why buy wall decorations when you can make them yourself? Snowflakes in particular are an easy DIY wall art piece, and can either be made out of paper (we all made these in kindergarten back in the day, so if you are decorating for a child, why not get them involved in making the decor?) or stuff you'd normally throw away, like lollipops sticks. If you want to give it a go, take a look at the awesome tutorial featured above. Another fun idea for these Popsicle icicles is to hang them from fishing wire from the ceiling, all at varying lengths so that it looks like snow is falling!


Frozen Lighting

One of the most magical things about the 'Let It Go' song in the movie is the way in which the light shines through Elsa's frozen palace on the mountain and makes the whole thing glitter and glow. With the right lighting, you can have the same effect in your bedroom!

The best way to pull it off in my opinion, is string lights, but then I solve all of my problems with string lights. Some glittery snowflake lights like the ones on the right are the perfect way to make your room twinkle like snow in the moonlight. Check them out!

If you have some existing plain fairy lights, you can even make your own snowflake lights by making paper cut-out snowflakes and gluing them to the plastic. There's always a budget way of achieving an incredible look!

Add Some Frozen Furniture...

Frozen themed furniture is hard to find, but it's a really awesome bedroom accessory if you can get your hands on it. My favorite is the cuddly Elsa and Anna themed sofa seat above, which you can find on Amazon - it runs out of stock quite quickly so if you like it too, I recommend picking it up as soon as you can! Watch out he doesn't melt when you sit on him, and have fun!

For the rest of your furniture, you want to stick to white woods and metal frames to capture that winter feeling. There not necessarily any need to go out and buy new furniture either, if you have existing wooden furniture you can give it a make over and paint it white or a bold sky blue. Just follow the tutorial above to know how! Bear in mind that this can get very messy, so do your painting outside, in a garage, or have a lot of old newspaper to hand top protect your floors.

Finish off Your Frozen Bedroom with some Accessories

Once your bed is made, your walls decorates and your furniture looking chilly, its time to top off your new bedroom with some finishing touches and accessories. There's lots of little bits and pieces you can use to make your room more homely.

For example, take a peek at the simply gorgeous Anna and Elsa Disney Traditions figurine above. The paintwork on it is just stunning, don't you think? If you like it, you should check out the rest of the series - pretty much every major Disney character can be found in Disney Traditions Figurine form.


Etsy also features a wide variety of unique and personalizable wood cut plaques featuring all your favourite characters from the movies: Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf and more! You can even get some with quotes and song lyrics, such as the awe-inspiring 'Let It Go' song. Cute! These pieces of art are perfect to hang on your wall, door, or to decorate your surfaces with.

Disney Frozen Window Panels
Disney Frozen Window Panels

Don't forget to spruce up your windows with some matching drapes! The pink character drapes on the left are my favorites. These panels go particularly well with the 'Floral Breeze' Frozen bedding at the top of this page.


DIY Frozen Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas

Feeling crafty? You can save yourself some money by making bedroom decorations yourself. For example, plushies make an adorable bedroom decoration idea, and above is a fun and easy to follow tutorial on how to make an Olaf plushie to decorate your bed with! Pretty sweet! If you don't want to make it yourself, Disney Frozen plushies are available in abundance online and in your local Disney store, so just pop in, pick up an armful and you'll be good to go. And, uh, remember to pay.

Last, but not least, here is a beautiful piece of bedroom decor which you can make out of old Christmas decorations you have gathering dust in the attic. It's a beautiful Frozen themed mini-chandelier! This is a real cutie that can be hung from the ceiling in rooms where the main light sources come from lamps. It'll reflect the daylight and the lights from your snowflake string lights in a way that will make the whole room sparkle in a truly magical way.

Thanks for Reading!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and found some cool (ok the puns will stop now, I promise) bedroom décor idea for your new frozen bedroom. If you enjoyed this post and are looking for some other fun bedroom theme ideas for yourself or your family, then be sure to visit my blog for all of the best bedroom decor ideas on the net!

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      5 years ago

      Hi, I like your page. My little 5 yr. old niece just loves everything Frozen!

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      5 years ago

      Nice lens and lovely selection.


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