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Make your House Smell Nice

Updated on June 26, 2014

Keeping the "Old Factory" Happy

Though I've been wearing vision correction since I was eight years old (I'm terribly nearsighted) I was, thank G-d, blessed with four good senses. For the most part, I'm very grateful for these strong senses.

This gratitude, however, doesn't extend to bad odors. I always like to have pleasant aromas entering my nostrils.

(By the way, the phrase "old factory", as I used it above, came from Klinger, a character on M*A*S*H -- he heard Major Winchester say "olfactory" and, since he probably didn't know what that meant, he heard it as "old factory")

Bath and Body Works

For the most part, I'm very happy to have a strong olfactory gland. But every now and then, some really funky smells make it into the nostrils and my nose starts to crinkle. My nose has a very good memory and when the bad smells get through the "gates" I find that, even after I've left the area of the nasty odor, my nose is still registering the offending scent.

That is why I fell in love with Bath and Body Works' sprays. Besides being very aromatic, they are also quite strong. It rarely takes more than two short sprays to remove even the most noxious fumes from a regular sized room. I also find that, though the can is small, it lasts longer than larger receptacles. This makes it not only fragrant but economical.

My favorite scents are in the spicy and fruity family. The Pumpkin Pie scent falls into that category. There are many other styles of scents; this includes another of my favorite style of scent, vanilla, baking or cookie scents.

Celebrate "National Fragrance Day"

March 21st is "National Fragrance Day". Celebrate with a new scent on your body or in your home. Click on the picture to go to the "Bath and Body Works" fragrance page.

Bath and Body Works Room Spray at Amazon

While I first started using these room sprays after buying them in the mall at the "Brick and Mortar" Bath and Body Works shop, Amazon also carries it on-line. If you're like me and you like spicy scents, you'll love this scent.

What's your favorite home scent? - Do you prefer fruity or flowery, herbal or spicy?

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