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How to Systematically Declutter And Organize Your Home

Updated on September 21, 2015

How To Systematically Declutter and Organize Your Home

How To Systematically Declutter and Organize Your Home with this easy to follow step by step system. This is going to make your decluttering easy and show you how to approach what might be an overwhelming project in a way that will bring you a great result and you are sure to be proud of your accomplishment. If you are doing an annual decluttering or this is your first time you are sure to find this process will help you to sort through things and organize them with ease.

Take you time and follow each of the steps in the process.

ROOM BY ROOM - How To Systematically Declutter and Organize Your Home

Winsome 82611 Capri Storage/Organization, 6 Small, Beige
Winsome 82611 Capri Storage/Organization, 6 Small, Beige

The steps are sorted clearly and will give you results right from the start. The system is spaced out so you can fit it into your daily routine (no need to stop everything else you are doing to get this done). You can take the 'day by day' steps all at once (just change the terms from 'day to day' to 'hour to hour') if you want to dedicate a chunk of time to it. But, if all all possible you will benefit more doing it in the 'day by day' paced way (as shown) will give you a process you can live with over time and become a constant part of your lifestyle so the problem will never again be overwhelming.

Begin with the Room by Room Sweep...

Make a list of every room (and closet) in your home. Closets will count as a separate room for this system.

Now buy a batch of 'containers' such as the folding containers below.

You will need one for each of the items on your list.

Label each container with the name of the room (or closet)

Do the Day by Day process... (see next section)


DAY BY DAY - Continue Your Effort

Totally Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer, 8-Compartments, For Cutlery, Utensils And More
Totally Bamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer, 8-Compartments, For Cutlery, Utensils And More

Day One: Put all of the containers in the first room on the list

Look at each item in the room and determine if it needs to be moved to another room

Sort everything into the containers marked with the appropriate room

DAY TWO: Take one container to the room indicated and unpack it.

DAY THREE: Put all of the containers in the next room on the list

Look at each item in the room and determine if it needs to be moved to another room

Repeat this process until all of the items are in the designated rooms (room by room according to your list)


Step By Step

Each step in the process

Room by Room

Day by Day

Corner by Corner

gives you an easy to follow system that will have your home decluttered and organized better than ever...

CORNER BY CORNER - Pay Attention To Seemingly Small Items.


Let's start in the Kitchen as an example of the Corner by Corner step in the process. The kitchen may be the most challenging because there are so many aspects to consider. The process is a guideline. To get you started. As you move forward you are going to find parts of the process you would like to adjust to your own personal workflow...but keep in mind to keep the organization consistent with the workflow so you are taking less steps while using the space.

Coffee, Filters, Cups, Everything Coffee...

Think of each 'space' in your kitchen and make a list of things you do at each 'spot' you use


TASK BY TASK - Every Action Is A Step In The Right Direction.

Winsome Wood 89933 Mario Kitchen, Natural
Winsome Wood 89933 Mario Kitchen, Natural

Where do you chop vegetables? You should have knife, cutting board, grater... in relatively the same area of the room

Where do you make coffee? You should have the coffee, filters, cups, condiments, etc. in the same area.

If you buy in bulk , then, have small containers with small quantities (a week supply or two for example) in the closest possible location to the coffee maker or other appliance.

Spices Near the Stove?

Garbage bags near the can (even a couple back up under the bag you are using)

Pots and pans near the stove

Appliances you rarely use out of sight

Grocery pantry organized -- Easy to see what you have and what you need to put on the grocery list

Utensils in order and easy to find


Closet By Closet

This system suggest each closet is listed as a separate room because a closet requires as much or more attention than the rooms around it. So, we need to at least give it the time and energy we give to other spaces.

Each closet is another room to organize.

Storage and Organizing Systems - Putting Things In Their Right Place is Another Key Tip.

Foremost 340001 Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System, White
Foremost 340001 Modular 5-in-1 Shelf Cube Storage System, White

What type of storage organizing system would help you to make keeping organized easier? Sometimes the problem is we do not have, as many mother's call it, "a place for everything and everything in its place" so things get disorganized and often then become lost.

How often have you bought an item you know you already have one but couldn't find it? That isn't going to happen when you know where everything is because everything has a place. You might even discover you have eight of something you really only need three or four.

Scissors... For example:

Have a pair of kitchen scissors (with the knives) and have a pair of craft scissors (in the sewing kit or craft table-workspace), then have a pair of grooming scissors (in the dressing table -- clearly marked). To avoid the possibility of your grooming scissors being used for crafts (which would reduce their effectiveness for cutting your bangs) you can mark them (I use a hair tie).

Room Organizing Systems

Work Area System and Storage

Modular Storage Cubes

In Closet or Wall Storage Units


Organization for Kids and the Nursery - Include All members Of The Family.

Preparing your child for a lifetime of organized living takes planning and practice. The sooner you start the easier the process will be and your child will learn just how easy it can be to stay clutter free and organized.

First: Be sure you provide the supplies your child needs to become and remain organized.

Second: Perhaps most important -- Be an Example

Third: Practice. Spending an hour a day putting things back where they belong can be a good way to get in the habit. To reduce this time frame you can make putting things back part of the process of using them... especially for busy kids. And so the house stays in order throughout the day.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy Access (for taking out and putting them back)
  • Clearly Defined Areas (books, toys, clothing)
  • Appliances you rarely use out of sight
  • Expandable Systems -- Adaptable as Your Child Grows

Video - Closet Organizer System For Nursery And Kids.

Your Chance To Speak Out. - Did you find a great System?

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