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How To Get Rid of Fleas Fast

Updated on September 5, 2012

Do You Have Fleas

Get Rid of Fleas? Hatched and hungry fleas are just waiting to find a place to land and more than likely it will land on your dog or cat. If you see one flea on your pet, he has fleas…and there are many more that you don’t see. If you’re not sure and want to check your pet, look for “flea dirt”. Flea dirt is actually tiny particles of dried blood left by fleas after they bite your pet. Simply comb your pet’s coat onto a piece of wet paper towel. Wet is important because if the specks turn red on the towel, your pet has fleas. At this point you need to check into flea treatment options.

Humans: Flea bites in humans usually start as mild to severe itching, redness, scabs or lesions and dermatitis. Applying ice to the infected area will help relieve some of the itching. Other treatments include the use of menthol, calamine lotion or camphor to the bites. Insect repellents that contain DEET will also help to keep you from getting flea bites. If that doesn’t work it may be wise to see an allergist for treatments.

Your home: Even if you don’t have pets, your home can still have fleas. Fleas can jump…far. They can enter your house by way of pets or other people. Many times you won’t even know you have fleas until they have infested an entire room or your whole house. If you’re not sure if your home has flees, there is a simple test you can perform. Slide on a pair of white socks and walk into the room you want to test. Fleas feel the vibrations of your footsteps and that will make them want to jump toward you eagerly looking for a host. Look at your socks. If you see a few fleas then your room is probably infested.

How to Get Rid of Fleas

The first step is to clean everything that’s come into contact with the animal. You need to remove as many eggs and larvae as possible.

How to get rid of fleas in pets:

First of all you will need to quarantine your pet. Wash your pet with soapy water. There are insecticide flea shampoos for pets, but it’s not necessary to purchase. DEET can cause irritation in pets, so be sure that if you buy a special flea shampoo it doesn’t contain this ingredient. Comb your pet with a special flea comb to remove the fleas. Another method is to use tape wrapped around your hand backwards and simply pat your pet’s fur. There are special flea ointments that you can purchase from your veterinarian. This ointment is generally squeezed in between the shoulder blades of the dog or cat and there is no need to rub it in. It naturally spreads throughout the fur. You will need to use this product once a month as long as the flea season lasts. Be sure to treat every pet in your house! You can also purchase a flea pet collar.

Regularly treat your pet’s resting areas with lots of soap and water.

Continue to comb your pets daily with the special flea comb. Remember to count the number of fleas you get in the first few combings so you can determine the flea population. Put the fleas in soapy water.

You may also want to continue washing your pet with soapy water. It is much more gentle and safe to use just soap and water on your pet than any product that has insecticide in it. Insecticides can be very irritating to your pet’s skin. It can also be toxic.

How to get rid of fleas in humans:

Shower with soapy water two times a day. Buying special insecticide soap is not necessary. Comb your hair regularly with a special flea comb specially designed to remove fleas. Recording the number of fleas removed so you can identify if the problem is getting better or worse.

How to get rid of fleas in your home:

Get rid of Fleas in your home ? Unfortunately it will take a lot of work, diligence and time. Bedding, rugs, blankets, etc will need to be washed in soapy water. You can tell if you have fleas in your bedding by the salty looking specs they leave behind. It has been described as looking like salt and pepper.

Vacuum corners, cracks. Be sure to seal up the vacuum bag or dump out the canister into a well sealed bag. Putting the bag in the freezer will kill any fleas. There will still be larvae latched onto the carpet fibers, so you will need to have a professional carpet cleaner steam clean your carpets. You may also use a special insecticide carpet shampoo and steam clean the carpet yourself.

Continue to vacuum daily. Remember to seal up the vacuum bag or dump the canister dirt into a sealed bag.

Don’t forget your yard. You must treat your yard as well as your home and pets.

If your pet has a resting area in your garage or a pet house, be sure to clean it well with soap and water.

If all of this fails, you may have to use a professional. The following products are things to consider. Sorptive dusts, Insect Growth Inhibitors, Pyrethins, Ultrasonic flea repellant devices and electronic flea collars.


5 stars for Get Rid of Fleas Fast


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    • profile image

      shiennab 4 years ago

      We don't have pets and our yard were infested with fleas and its coming to our house too,we already had it sprayed by professional,they were only gone for a week and then they are back again,I am so stressed as they were only feeding on me.Any recommendations here,thanks

    • profile image

      Anna 4 years ago

      We vacuumed the carpet, changed the sheets over and over again for months in my bedroom. It was a living hell.

    • profile image 4 years ago

      I can't believe Diatomaceous Earth is so rarely mentioned; is there any reason to dislike this stuff? I won't describe its benefits since you won't believe me. Look it up.

    • profile image

      Andrea 5 years ago

      Man, I think i might have caught those stupid bloody fleas. And it was because of people ,because my dog doesn't have those bastards!! Not again this nightmare, the first time I got infested by fleas they bit me EVERYWHERE, and by everywhere i mean everywhere,good god it was winter and i didn't show too much skin, but now's summer and these fleas will bit me again and i've got nothing to hide the bites and redness!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • profile image

      bitten 5 years ago

      I don't have pets and my apartment has been treated professionally THREE Xs!!!! I'm at my wits end with this and now I have the rashy patches I've been reading about. Time to get out of here!!!

    • profile image

      joanne 5 years ago

      fortefog spray, now called protector c. You can buy this in a blitz kit comes as a bomb, powder and spray all in one. It is fantastic for killing silverfish woodlouse all crawling flying insects without harming your pets it is a bit pricey but your best to spend a bit in the beginning it will save you time money and heartache in the long run. Happy hunting.

    • rakoo profile image

      rakoo 5 years ago from Midwest

      Louise You will need to have your carpet cleaned and if its real bad replaced.

      But first have your yard sprayed for fleas too!

    • profile image

      louise 6 years ago

      i have 3 cats and have tried everything powder, drops in between the shoulders, bathing, flea spray ans the collers. i also have them in my house but only upstairs i have done 2 bombs and nothing is working can anyone think of anything else i can try please im desperate!!!!

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      Scary thought to think you are buying a product to kill the fleas and in actual fact you could be killing your pet... I was reading another blog recently and they were saying fleas are becoming iummune to the products on the market... scary...

    • Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

      Pamela Kinnaird W 7 years ago from Maui and Arizona

      This is good information. It's important to know or research what kinds of flea control products can harm our dogs and cats through their neurological system. The kinds you can get in the big department stores such as Walmart are especially suspect. Court cases have been filed and court cases won against some of the manufacturers of these products. I use cedar tree oil in a shampoo form for my pets. You can also get the spray -- for in between bath times. (My cat doesn't like being bathed, but she tolerates it with long, deep yowls. I hold her by the scruff of the neck and she trusts me so she stands there in the tub.)

      Thanks for a good article.

    • profile image

      kaila johnson 7 years ago

      i need like major help getting rid of fleas in my bedroom ; house ; and my 6 cats ; please helppp :)