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Two Easy Ways To Speed Up Laundry Drying Time In The Dryer

Updated on October 29, 2014

Developed From Experience

Being a longtime resident of an apartment building that features coin-operated laundry machines, I am keenly aware of how long it takes for laundry to dry.

Through the years, I have done countless loads of laundry in coin-operated machines. Although I realize that it takes a certain amount of time for a dryer cycle to run, I have thought of two easy ways to speed up the process of drying laundry in a dryer.

Each of these methods is easy to do, with little time or effort required. Presented here are two easy ways to make laundry dry faster in the dryer.

Lint, Lint, Lint

One way to speed up the process of drying laundry in a dryer is to let the laundry-filled dryer run for approximately 1/4 of its cycle time, then open the door so that the dry cycle stops.

When the dryer cycle has stopped, remove the lint filter from the machine. Remove any lint that has accumulated in the filter, then place the lint filter back into the machine.

When lint accumulates in a dryer's lint filter, the machine is not operating at peak efficiency. A build-up of lint in the filter tends to make a dryer run less efficiently, which means that it takes longer for laundry to dry.

Another Effective Method

Another way to make laundry dry faster in the dryer also involves opening the dryer door after the drying cycle has started.

With this method, let the dryer run for roughly 1/4-1/2 of the drying cycle, then open the dryer door. The objective here is to rearrange the laundry in the machine, so it can dry faster.

All Clumped Together

When clothes or other items are sitting in a dryer, they tend to get all mixed together. Quite frequently, the items clump-up together into a mass of soggy laundry that is hard to dry.

When you remove the clothes from the dryer and rearrange them, they have a much better chance of drying thoroughly.

After the laundry has been drying for a while, it doesn't clump together as much as when it is wet.

It's Easy To Do

When I do this method of rearranging the laundry, I simply pull the laundry out of the machine and let it fall on the floor in front of the dryer (Make sure the floor is clean first). Then I put the laundry back into the dryer, trying to make sure that the pieces of laundry are arranged as loosely as possible.

By rearranging the laundry in the dryer, the drying-time may be reduced significantly.

These Methods Work

If you utilize only one of these methods, there's a good chance that it will help to speed up the drying time of your laundry.

If both methods are carried out, it should measurably decrease the amount of drying time for your laundry.

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