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Best security for pvc windows - doors & your home

Updated on September 19, 2013

Those of you who can afford top of the range security more than likely this is of no use to you. But if you are the average house owner with a basic alarm system or no alarm system than keep reading.

Type Of Burglar : First of all we are going to look at the average burglar and what he is looking for and that is cash plus gold. Yes there is different types of burglars that will take just about anything. But at the moment most robberies at the moment are for cash and gold. The cash can go straight into the pocket and gold is converted into cash with no questions asked. This type of burglar can be stopped with just a little know how.

About this type of Burglar :First thing to know is if you can slow down this type of burglar from getting into your home for about 6 minutes or more. Than the chances are they will just move onto the next house. Because they know that the chances of getting caught or spotted will have increased by just to much so they move onto the next house.

How the Burglar Gets in : First thing they will do is look for an open window or door for easy access. If they find none than the next thing is they will try to force a window or door open by using a long narrow screw driver or bar which they will force in somewhere and try to burst a window or door lock. They will only try forcing a locked window or door for a short while and if it don't work than they will move onto the next method. Which is to break a small pane of glass than reach in to open the window. By the time they have tried all three methods only about 4 minutes have passed and they are in your house.

Once the Burglar is in your house : Now that the burglar is in, the first thing they will do is head for the master bedroom. Once they have located this they than start looking for gold. Most people keep there gold jewellery in the same places so it is easy for them to locate it. Once they have taken the gold they will than have a quick look around the master bedroom for some cash. On the way back out they will have a quick look in the other bedrooms for some gold and cash but won't spend as much time as they did on the master bedroom. They will also have a quick look around the rest of the house for cash and anything else that looks like gold. Over all they will more than likely only spend about 10 minutes in your house. If they got into your house very quickly and easy they will more than likely spend more time searching your house. But in most cases the time taken from the first attempt to break in, to the point when they leave is about 15 minutes.

How to stop or slow the Burglar down

Our aim now is to slow the burglar down so it would take at least 10 minutes for them to break in or even stop them altogether.

1 - Alarm System : Most important is to have some type of alarm system. Just by having a siren go of, will reduce the time that a burglar will keep trying to break in. In some cases they will set of the alarm on purpose and wait to see if anyone responds to it like a neighbour. They will than time the response time and maybe come back the next day with this knowledge.

2 - Slow them from Forcing them open : Most windows & door have good locks that will stop someone from forcing them open but if needed you can get a thing called a security claw fitted to windows and doors. This is designed to stop people forcing them open with a bar on the hinge side. They are quick and easy to fit, and any good window & Door company will have them in stock. Also make sure you have sash line blocks fitted to your windows & doors. These will stop your sash from moving when someone tries to force it with a bar. They are also very cheap and very easy to fit. With these two things fitted it should slow someone down enough form trying to force open your windows & doors.

3 - Breaking Glass : When all else fails for the burglar they will just go and break the glass in a small window than reach in and open the handle. But if you have a locking handle fitted they still can't open the window. Which means they than have to break more glass to gain entry. This will take longer plus it is making more noise, the two things that any burglar hates. Also another option is to fit a toughened safety or a laminated glass to the most vulnerable areas. It is a more expensive option but can give you great piece of mind. You have many different types of safety glass available today and again you will find most glass companies will advise you on what will suit you best. Some may even give you a demo on how hard it is to break this glass.

4 - What to do if they still get in : If after all this, they still get in and find that you have locked the internal doors as well. More than likely they will just turn around and leave because it is just taken to long. So if you are going out for a while make sure you lock the door on the rooms you think a person is most likely to break into. But if you have a burglar that is still willing to break through these doors. Than make sure you have your good gold locked away in a safe. But Leave a jewellery box on your dresser with a lot of cheap gold items in it. This way they will think they hit the jackpot and just grab this gold and run. As most of these people can not tell the different between good and bad gold. Plus it will be after taken so long to get in, they won't have time to start checking. More than likely they will just grab and run thinking they have your full stash of gold.

Conclusion : A lot of what is said here is just common sense. But with crime on the rise every day. There is no point in making things easy for anyone to break in. So when you are looking at your home security. Just look for ways to slow them down as much as possible. Don't just rely on your alarm system because people hear these things go of every day and take no notice of them.

Also remember when making your house more secure. You must also be able to get out so make sure you have plenty of fire exits lined up

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