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The benefits of indoor plants

Updated on May 22, 2016

Your attention the top 5 useful plants of the family:

  • Laurel - dwarf evergreen shrub, look great in the interior. This place not only master in the kitchen.Laurel has an excellent ability to kill viruses and bacteria. It helps in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The bush is to choose those who suffer from intestinal problems and biliary tracts.
  • Aloe - benefits can only enumerate. Retrieve the process of aloe, colds are not you on anything. The aloe also lie the secrets of beauty: face masks, hair and nails. Good heals wounds juice plants. Night pot releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, therefore it is necessary to put it in the bedroom area.
  • Lemon tree - a plant can be grown from seed lemon. Leaves isolated essential oil, tone up, filling the home a pleasant aroma, while strengthening health. In winter, summer bush promotes flu prevention, eliminating bacteria from the air. The flowering period takes charm, fruit - add colors habitat.
  • Mint - a well-known spice, but also in a pot on a windowsill plant to a suitable place. It has a mass of useful properties, as is widely used for medicinal purposes. The aroma of peppermint relaxes, relieves stress and fatigue. A good companion for the nervous system, promotes concentration.
  • Geranium - unpretentious flower, will be able to save you from insomnia with frequent stress, if you put in the bedroom. Well disinfects the oxygen from staphylococci and streptococci. Pertinent in the kitchen, as repels flies, releases biologically active substances, absorbs carbon dioxide, moisture, filters the environment from unpleasant odors.


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