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Where Can I Buy The Best Jessie Steele Apron?

Updated on September 26, 2014

I've Found A Jessie Steele Apron or Two For You!

A Jessie Steele apron is vintage-inspired, retro-chic and romantic. It is crafted in beautiful colors and patterns that are just a little bit flirty and designed to be figure flattering. Here are some of the best and some of the best-selling Jessie Steele aprons. If you have already seen Jessie Steele aprons, you know what is coming. If not, sit back and prepare to fall in love with the beauty of a bygone era.

Click here to see Amazon's collection of Jessie Steele Aprons.

The Jessie Steele Apron Company

For years, Helena Steele collected vintage aprons because she loved their styles and their charm. To her, they represented a wonderful but forgotten time. A time of friends and family, of parties. She shared her passion for aprons with her daughter, Claire and they eventually pooled their considerable talents.

The result? Retro-chic Jessie Steele aprons reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s. The mother daughter team spent a year doing research, studying fabrics and prints and eventually creating their own textiles, cuts and styles. Their aprons are purposefully designed to make the lady who is wearing them feel good.

Jessie Steele has taken the country by storm. Their aprons are now sold in more than 3,000 stores and have been shown on Oprah, Regis and Kelly and Desperate Housewives as well as in magazines like People and Elle and newspapers across the country.

Will you be adding a Jessie Steele apron to your collection?

My Favorite Jessie Steele Apron

Jessie Steele Summer Lemons Bib Gigi Apron
Jessie Steele Summer Lemons Bib Gigi Apron | Source

Jessie Steele Gigi Summer Lemons Bib Apron and Towel

Summer lemons make this apron summery and fresh!

It is hard to say for sure but I think this may be my favourite Jessie Steele apron. The pattern, summer lemons, has been around for awhile. I simply love the fresh colours, the lemons and the retro feel of both the apron and the colouring of the apron and I'm not even a fan of green though you will find yellow, albeit a warm ochre, in my kitchen.

The Most Popular Jessie Steele Apron

Jessie Steele Aprons
Jessie Steele Aprons | Source

The Jessie Steele Cupcakes Apron

The most popular Jessie Steele apron must surely be the cupcakes one shown here. A combination of the renewed popularity of aprons and of cupcakes makes it the number one seller on Amazo. The good reviews it receives there from satisfied customers don't hurt either.

One Amazon customer from Christmas Island said, "I adore this apron! I got it last week for my birthday and it is super adorable! It's feminine and pretty, but it is also a good weight. It's heavier than a lot of 'hostess' aprons these days and the size is good. The length is great and it covers well while still making you look cute! I love the bow detailing! I would definitely recommend Jessie Steele products and will buy them again in the future."

If you like this apron, you will likely be thrilled to learn that you can choose the fabric in a couple of different apron styles. Simply click of the image to learn more on Amazon.

Mother Daughter Aprons

A matching set of aprons for you and your little girl or your granddaughter is fun!

Jessie Steele Sweethearts Bib Josephine Apron
Jessie Steele Sweethearts Bib Josephine Apron

Jessie Steele Sweethearts Bib Josephine Apron

This sweethearts apron with its red and white heart pattern is simply adorable. With its red hearts on a white backdrop, I'd LOVE to have it at Valentine's Day and Christmas but, of course, it would be fun all year long. If you love the flirty feminine feel of this apron, you'll feel special when you strap it on. But don't let the fun stop there. You can also buy this apron from Amazon for your daughter! Mother daughter aprons are so just plain fun.

Jessie Steele aprons make great Christmas, hostess, wedding and shower gifts...but maybe you should splurge and buy one for yourself!

Secrets For Successful Shopping on Amazon

Did You Know...

Before you buy any apron on this page from Amazon, I highly encourage you to read the Amazon Customer Reviews, when available. I always do that when I am researching a product and figure that customers are the best source of honest information. Doing so will allow you to determine things like the fact that the sizing on some of the tops of these aprons may be a little less generous than it could be for full-figured women and that the child's apron is quite small, perhaps, one reviewer said, a size 5.

And while we're on the subject of Amazon, let me remind you about Amazon's FREE Super Saver Shipping. Most of the aprons on this page will not qualify for free shipping because they retail for under $35. However, if you add another item that you need from Amazon, even be a simple food product, you can easily cross that dollar amount which will make you eligible for free shipping.

Find More Jessie Steele Aprons on Amazon

Yes, there are still a lot more Jessie Steele aprons available on Amazon! I could not bring them all to you on this page but if you want to see Amazon's complete collection you can simply click right here. The day I wrote this page, there were 91 Jessie Steele aprons available through Amazon.

"Let the domestic goddess and ultimate hostess within express herself in the flirty and fun vintage inspired aprons from Jessie Steele!" - Layla Grayce

© 2009 Treasures By Brenda

Is there a Jessie Steele apron for you?

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    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      I'm sure there is and I probably should be wearing one when I bake my cookies.

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Featured on my women and girls shopping group :) (though hidden in one of the featured lenses modules that has several lenses more than 5)Wow - aprons with a knob for towels? who'd have thought it.

    • profile image

      Joan4 8 years ago

      The summer lemons is my favorite!

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 8 years ago

      What great aprons! I'd have to have the cherry one for sure because I love cherries but I also like the Gigi French Toile Bib Apron with the towel.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 8 years ago from Arkansas USA

      How could I narrow it down? These are fabulous apron choices! Okay, I'll pick one for me, the red and pink polkadot. I love polkadots!