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Log cabin home, my dream home

Updated on August 26, 2012

A way of life

Wow how beautiful
Wow how beautiful | Source

Country living at its best

Have you ever wonder what it would be like to wake up to the sounds of nature, watching the sun rise, as it peeps through the trees creating a glistering mirror in every dew drop cleaning so tightly to its substance. Feeling the warmth of its rays upon your face ever so gently as you smell the rich flavor of your morning coffee ready to take your taste buds on a journey. That will leave a lasting smile of satisfaction upon your face.I have, I'm talking about going back in time, to a place wear a mans castle was his home, A time when things were simple, A a place in time when you could stop and smell the roses, and not feel guilty about it, like in the never ending fast pace world we live in today.I guess I got carried away for a moment with a dream, I have often had of owning my very own log cabin.I have often dreamed of siting on the back porch of my very own log cabin in a rocking chair. You know, like one of those nice rocking chairs at cracker barrel. Just siting there rocking slowly away , listing to the birds signing, bringing the morning in. Just letting the world pass you by as you drift in to thoughts of joy, and peace. Letting time take care of its self.Wow wouldn't that be something. You know I found this site about log cabins and after checking it out, It makes me feel like dreams can come true.I notice they have the bbb sticker on it, that's a +and the craftsmen ship looks like they put in a lot of pride and commitment.

what a beautiful setting

so peacefull
so peacefull | Source

The housing markets highest building standarsd

They are a log home manufacturing company. That have been in the housing market of log home industry for more than 25 years. They have five different log home packages available. The packages range from logs only to full dry in packages. They can customize there plans or use customer’s plans at no additional charge. If you compare there pricing in today's housing market you will be amazed at how affordable there homes are. I can smell the coffee already. Hey did I here the lonesome sounds of a distant wippoorwill, Wow I got to have one of these beautiful log homes. I checked them out they have a long held tradition of the highest building standard in today's housing market and they use the best quality material available.

A site to be hold

My dream log cabin
My dream log cabin | Source

don't forget the fire place

I almost forgot the fire place, How nice would that be, setting in front of your fire place with that someone special in your life. Close your eyes just for a moment, and let your self go, to a time a place, You know the one, and imagine your self with that special someone siting there on Christmas eve, drinking eggnog, and rekindling the happier times of the past while reassuring the future, all the time enjoying the present to its fullest. I want to think you very much for shearing the moment and this hub.If anyone was interested in finding out some more information on these log homes the site is dont forget to mention my name Kevin.

A person a place a time a fire place

The warmth of a fire place
The warmth of a fire place | Source

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