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Kitchen Storage and Kitchen Organizers

Updated on February 21, 2018
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I like discovering new products that improve my life, and I love providing real & honest reviews to help others!

The kitchen is the heart of most homes. Storage in the kitchen must make sense to the cooks, kids, and visitors alike - making sure that necessities are within easy reach and the rest is safely and neatly put away.

Make the most out of the space behind closed cabinet doors by adding racks to stack items or install hooks on the backs of cupboard doors. Free up countertops with the help of a rolling cart or hang a pot rack from the ceiling.

The pleasure or reaching out and finding a potholder, spatula or dish towel just when you need it, of clearing the table or setting out breakfast with ease, or putting away clean dishes without having to trek across the room are all the rewards you can experience every day with smart kitchen storage.

That being said, given the economy lately, many of us do not have much spare change to remodel our kitchen or even think about making any major changes. That's me, too. We bought a beautiful house two years ago and the thing I hated the most about it was the kitchen. It has good bones, but very old, ugly, and inefficient cabinets as well as countertops. Over time I have made minor changes here and there, like painting the cabinets and changing the hardware - you can read more about the cosmetic changes I did to my kitchen here.

One of the best changes that I made to my cabinets has to do with the organization of the inside - I installed pull-out drawers in several of the base (lower) cabinets and I can't tell you how that simple and inexpensive change has changed my life! If I need my colander, I no longer have to kneel down to first pull out my stack of mixing bowls to get to it - now I open the cabinet door, slide out the shelf with my foot (!), and reach down and grab the colander. It may not sound like much, but it really is a big deal. I did the same to my cabinet that holds my Tupperware/Rubbermaid containers and the one that holds all of my kids' sippy cups.

A few changes in your kitchen can make it more user-friendly and totally change your mood when you're in it.

These affordable pull-out organizers by ClosetMaid make finding items under your sink, or in any cabinet, easy!

Kitchen Storage Tips:

  • Store cooking utensils near the stove-top.
  • Transfer commonly used items like dry goods, oils, teas into decorative canisters or bottles.
  • Use the height of your cabinets.
  • File recipes in your computer.
  • Nestle pots and pans (see product solutions below to wrangle the lids).
  • Well planned storage places heavy items lowest and everyday items at eye level.
  • Knives should be stored away from other metal utensils.

See many of options available at Amazon to get you on your way to an organized kitchen and shop from the convenience of home.

A bit blurry, but a great example of an organized kitchen!

Example of efficient use of cabinet space, and an ingenius idea!


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    9 years ago

    Thanks so much. Great ideas that I will adopt.

  • profile image

    Don White 

    9 years ago

    This was a special blog. You have a wealth of ideas and a talent for getting it over. I especially liked all the links you referred to for helping the man or woman of thehouse organize his utensils, cooking gadgets, pots and pans, etc. Any young or old couple can use what you have given in this wonderful blog. I have several sites and one of them is entitled Could I have your permission to run your article - or even an abbreviated version of it - and the wonderful links on that great site? Thanks for your great talent. Obviously, Hub believes you're good, too. You are at 94. Don White


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