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Incorporate Your Landscaping Ideas and Designs with a Landscaping Plan

Updated on January 31, 2015

Doing your home's landscaping on your own could be a very interesting task, you'll not only improve your gardening skill as you will also know more the different aspects on landscaping designs and structure.

One of the most important thing that you should know and do before proceeding with the landscaping project is having to draft out your own landscape plan. When you make changes in your landscaping, they are quite difficult and time consuming to undo. That's also does not include returning used items to the store, which is not possible. That is why it is very essential that you have a solid landscape plan before you bring your landscaping ideas into life.

The first thing that you need to remember when start designing your landscape plan is that unlike interior decorating, landscaping has a dynamic and organic canvas on which to work. What you do inside your home changes momentarily at a time of your choosing, however, landscaping takes its time and queues from Mother Nature. It takes time for your plants to grow and which, also requires some efforts from your part to nurture and care for them. Plants die, tree grow and rains can destroy your hard work as short as few hours. So a good landscape plan will take all those factors and more into consideration; they are part of the whole picture.

It is easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on the art of landscaping (designing the landscape structure which include planting, lighting, and etc) while ignoring the science that runs behind it completely. Doing this will ruin the most of your work if not all.

When get started with your landscaping ideas, always avoid doing the task in a piecemeal fashion. Most people will tend to focus on each smaller task or design individually rather than having them to be done in a cohesive way. For example planting flowers here an there or placing stones in drab corners without knowing what to do in between. If you want your landscaping to have a unified look an structure, then you should start your landscape plan from scratch; put together a landscaping plan for the entire property before you set off and start playing with the dirt.

Another thing that you should remember is that good landscaping design must always take into account of the land and features you have to work with.

For example, how much direct sun does your property receive all year long? Do you have areas in your landscape that are sunny while others are shady? Do you have heavy soil that drains slowly or sandy soil that drains quickly and retains little water? What plants are suitable to be planted on those different areas?

By having those question answered and incorporated in your design, you will arrive at a landscape plan that will give you the best chances for success. Based on your findings, you will then be able to source out proper plants, grasses, flowers, bushes, watering plans and architectural features that best suited your overall landscape design.

Last but not least, a good landscaping idea have an eye toward proportion, both in the scale of the project and that amount of time you have to dedicate toward building and up-keeping.

Make sure that you build features that have a size that could well fitted with the size of your home, in another words, they must have a good ratio or proportion. Whatever that you plan to build, make sure that it won't be too large or too small, just exactly the size that could comprehend the whole landscape.

For example, things like ponds, pools, retaining walls, hedges and trees often appear much larger when built or installed compare to when they still reside only in your imagination. Most people who are new into landscaping design often fall into this trap.

Landscaping design is based on your creativity and taste. If you want it to look warm, you will need to introduce more trees into your landscaping or if you prefer a cool feeling, perhaps having a fountain or pond is a good idea. The art and beauty of a landscape design is always in the eye of the beholder, however, the science of a good landscape plan is universal. You can make it work if you plan against it.

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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    I wish to have a lovely garden too.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 7 years ago from Texas

    Such lovely pictures! I wildscape my yard, so "God is my gardener!" :D