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How-To Decorating Ideas: Make a LEGO Bedroom for Toddlers & Kids

Updated on March 14, 2014

LEGO Kids' & Toddler Themed Bedroom: Twin Bed Sets & Decor

With Lego themed bedroom decor ideas for toddlers to big kids like these, you'll create a "OH, WOW!" bedroom out of your wan, "Oh, Well" space.

Using LEGO as your main decor, you can design a kid's LEGO ~ inspired bedroom that will amaze even you if you're not so inclined to decorate. And a LEGO bedroom shouldn't cost a pretty penny; rather, if you have success, your child's room should look like a royal mint without having to spend it.

It's really not hard to start from ground zero on building a themed room. Beginning with your LEGO twin bed set and building outward is your best course of action. And I'll show you how to get from point A to B-a-d-to-the-bone in no time with minimal time, effort and of course: money.

We can do this!

Image credit: The LEGO themed twin size comforter bedding set for toddlers shown here is available below.

4-Piece LEGO Theme Movie Emmet Twin Size Comforter and Sheet Set for Little Kids & Toddlers

LEGO Themed Ninjago Twin Size Comforter and Sheet Set for Toddlers & Kids of All Ages

LEGO Themed Legends Twin Size Comforter and Sheet Set for Toddlers & Kids of All Ages

Lego City Twin Comforter & Sheet Set (4 Piece Bedding)
Lego City Twin Comforter & Sheet Set (4 Piece Bedding)
LEGO bedrooms are best started with themed bedding like these comforter sets, where you'll have a bigger than life WOW! factor from the start. Bedding is very important to themed spaces, as it introduces your bedroom's LEGO theme, ushers in admirers and lends to the room's overall appeal. That may seem complicated, but really, if you start out big with your bedding, every other decorative piece supports your room's 'shining star': the bed. You could say that all the other accessories and wall art are the 'supporting actors' in your decor scheme Bed sets should have a striking element of either color or design, much like these bed sets, here. Ideally, you want your child's bed to 'leap' from the wall in a "look at me" kinda way. So, start with a bang and end with a whisper. You'll love the result! Isn't getting to that amazing LEGO room sounding easier, now?

LEGO Theme Toddler/Little Kids' Bedding: LEGO the Movie Reversible Twin Size Bed Comforter for Under $50

LEGO Toddler/Little Kids' Bedding: LEGO Chima Unleash the Power Reversible Twin Size Comforter for Under $50

LEGO Themed Bedding for Toddler to Little Kids: LEGO Disney Pirate of the Caribbean Ships Away Printed Comforter

LEGO Theme Toddler/Little Kids' Bedding: LEGO Star Wars 'Galaxy' Twin Size Bed Duvet for Under $75

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Masters Comforter, Twin, Multicolored
LEGO Ninjago Ninja Masters Comforter, Twin, Multicolored
Having a toddler means spending, as they've seemingly morphed into a kid where just last month they were wobbling about, still a bit unsteady and unsure. Fast forward to today, and these tiny lightning bolt tots are off and running albeit, a few inches taller. So, they need all new everything. Being the mom of twins, I spent many moments in total thrift mode; y every penny was counted--times two! If you're decorating a 'big boy' bedroom, chances are you'll replace the crib with a bed and it's sheer necessity that you'll need bedding, to boot. I always recommend going light on spending for toddlers, as they're not yet ready to go easy on anything. So, why buy big? Opt for simple bedding for toddlers like these comforter-only pieces. You'll realize the great focal point without the 'fluff'. Resist the temptation to splurge if you can help it. With toddlers you'll wonder how in this world of worlds your little one could have torn, punctured, stepped on obscure things or 'accidentally' spilled juice in an upward fashion. Sound famil? Keep it simple when decorating with toddlers and add decorative things as you go along. A simple LEGO comforter like those he will do nicely--and for a whole lot less. And you won't fret with regret come those , "OOPSY!" times. Simple and sane.
Lego Officially Licensed Twin Comforter and Sheet 5-Piece Bed Set
Lego Officially Licensed Twin Comforter and Sheet 5-Piece Bed Set

My #1 Pick for White Walls

Lego Officially Licensed Twin Comforter and Sheets 5 Piece Set

It's always nice to paint walls, making your space more your own, but if you're not up to--or can't--paint those white walls, bedding like this super-cute twin size LEGO comforter set is ideal for those white walls.

Why is that?

Decorating is all about moving the eye easily with each element, namely texture, form and color. The eye begins with the most striking detail and ends with the same. So, you'll remember the yellows, reds or any neons -- and not the white walls.

Chances are, when asked to recall what admirers have just seen, they'll recall a white and yellow LEGO figure on a comforter or bedspread; it's as if the walls didn't exist. It seems ironic that we would imagine that white on white is just too much but in this case, the two elements work as one!

Remember when decorating, that if you've an eyesore you can't do away with, use high energy colors in close proximity and you'll be surprised how that ugly heat register 'melts' into the wall or bedding. Sometimes you have to battle color with color!

I love this cute LEGO comforter and sheet set for its highly visual statement and chances are, kids will, too.

LEGO Bedroom Theme Wall Decals for Kids & Toddlers
LEGO Bedroom Theme Wall Decals for Kids & Toddlers

Budget-Friendly LEGO Wall Art Solutions

LEGO Wall Decals

I've often written about using wall decals for highly visual wall art; they're easy to apply, removable, reusable and downright cheap. And I like cheap -- within reason.

Using LEGO wall decals (otherwise known as wall stickers) is a very effective way to betray your bedroom's theme. You can get any number of sizes and colors of LEGO wall decals and I've even seen those personalized decals kids love for uber-cheap online.

I chose this popular "Eat. Sleep. LEGO." wall decal for its versatile, age-neutral appeal from toddler to tween, so you'll certainly get your investment's worth. I suggest going as big in size as your wall size calls for. Be sure your decal--or any wall art-- is appropriately sized and doesn't get swallowed up in an ocean of wall board. You may even create the illusion of a headboard with wall decals. Indeed, decals are a cheap and easy means of LEGO decor everyone involved will appreciate.

Wall Art Idea for LEGO Themed Bedroom for Kids: LEGO the Movie Standard Size 36"X24" Poster

Wall Art Idea for LEGO Themed Bedroom for Kids: LEGO Mini Figure Standard Size 36"X24" Poster

Using posters are a fabulous way to get the full-on wall art your LEGO bedroom calls for; they're cheap and you can change them out on a moment's notice should your toddler or tween wake up a new person (no, I'm not kidding). Most posters are available in the standard, 36"X24" size, so it's a good idea to buy that size poster frames.

I highly suggest investing in poster frames; there's nothing attractive about those gnarly curls and tears that you've no idea how your little one managed that--at that height! Totally mind boggling! You can buy the frames at any big box craft store and with their weekly phone app coupon (usually 40% off), you've some great frames for less than $10!

Hang your posters in a line for a nice, clean gallery effect or, conversely, go really unique and around a corner with your artwork/frames. It's all about what you love!

LEGO Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas from Plain Bedding: Twin Size Blue 2-Piece Comforter Set Under $40

LEGO Themed Bedroom Decor Ideas from Plain Bedding: LEGO Ninjago Ninja Secret Service Cuddle Pillow

Decorating can get quite pricey but I'm always writing about ways to save while still enjoying a fully-appointed space. Yes, it can be done!

While there's a ton of themes and bedding sets to match, you might consider using plain bedding versus LEGO themed sets--especially if you're decorating for toddlers or kids on the cusp of a new 'age phase', as kid want to change posters out and go with what's cool, not cute. Cute's out; cool is in.

Blues in royal or navy make great options for your bedding's color, as it will last far longer than themed bedding that's more age--specific.You'll want to pair up your nondescript bed set with LEGO themed pillows and maybe window panels to get the full LEGO impression. Notice how well this blue bedding melds with the Ninjango accent pillow and the posters just above it.

For minimal investment, a few themed pieces and a plain comforter or bedspread can go a long way for your current plans and those on down the road. Think of plain bedding as a blank canvas awaiting an artist's (that would be you) touch. The skys the limit and you can add whatever LEGO art and accessories your toddler or big kid wants most.

Yes, plain can be fun! .

LEGO Legends Chima 5-Piece Full Size Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set for Kids
LEGO Legends Chima 5-Piece Full Size Comforter & Sheet Bedding Set for Kids

Going One Size Up With Your Bed

Full Sized LEGO Legends of Chima 5-Piece Comforter with Sheet Set

Sometimes having a full size bed is best if you have a bigger bedroom to decorate. Too, if your child is on the tall side it's better to invest in a bed that will serve him well into the future. Full beds have added length that standard, twin sized beds don't.

This LEGO Legends full size comforter and sheet set is a match for its twin peer shown earlier. It's not too much more money for the time you'll be using it, making it a better choice for growing kids. Too, if you prefer a bedspread look, a larger comforter on a smaller bed (like a full comforter on a twin bed) will give you the look you want.

As I've mentioned earlier, sometimes all that's needed iis a tweak here and there to get the LEGO look you and your child ave been pining for.

Kids' Accessories Idea for LEGO Themed Bedroom: LEGO Blue Plastic Brick Alarm Clock

Kids' Accessories Idea for LEGO Themed Bedroom: LEGO Brick Wall Accent Light

Accessorizing for your themed bedroom needn't have a gazillion LEGO: here a LEGO, there a LEGO; everywhere's a LEGO, LEGO!

No, corral the clutter and manage the madness by using a few really special pieces that will stand out. You don't want the look of a cluttered floor full of those little--and oh, so painful-- LEGO building bricks. It doesn't take much to go overboard with LEGO accessories;they're highly visual being so colorful and one cool piece can stand on its own quite nicely without 'help' from a neighboring brick.

These two LEGO pieces are ideal for your themed bedroom; they're useful while being fun to look at!

Keep to my Less is more mantra and you'll come out so much better--and saner with your decorating efforts.

Aren't these LEGO finds too cool?

LEGO Theme Wall Art Idea: Metal Street Sign
LEGO Theme Wall Art Idea: Metal Street Sign

LEGO Metal Street Sign

I love this LEGO Drive sign for its real-life look. I'd venture to say that most kids aged toddler to tween would appreciate it. For its low price and value as a unique piece, it's a keeper.

Door signs have become super-popular but don't ever restrict your decor to a specific place or use. The best results can be had when going 'outside the box' with your decorating. Go your own way; you'll be glad you did.

Star Was LEGO Theme Duvet Cover/Bedspread
Star Was LEGO Theme Duvet Cover/Bedspread

Mixing Themes for Greater Impact

LEGO Star Wars Duvet/Bedspread

Having two themes in your child's bedroom is fine and can even be a better option for maturing kids. The idea of a Star Wars theme melded with LEGO is a great idea, as you can swing the other way if your toddler or older child grows out of the LEGO theme.

I like the black affect that can lend a darker note to your decor should your boy want to go with 'cool black' in his tweens. I had one twin who insisted on black walls. Unfortunately for him it didn't go over too well when I informed him he would need to prep the walls, cover and tape floors as well as prime! Nothing like a little reality check.

While you may not care for black, it can be an option for pillows and window panels if you want go for a galaxy-like ambiance with glow-in-the-dark stars. Or, keep white walls and opt for black and white Star Wars posters with a splash of color.

I see this duvet bed cover as a good investment for several years' use with plenty of options in decor.

Corralling the Clutter "Up-under" - LEGO Themed Toy Box with Bins

If you've ever had experience with these playful LEGO bricks, chances are you know how one of these little nuggets feels under your foot. As you step full force upon it. Half asleep. In the dark. With one eye open. As your toddler begs for water.

Or, enter your own visual based on your own experience; I'll hazard a guess and say yours was painful, too.

Well, there is a touch of sanity to be preserved. Enter this LEGO toy box with bins. Seriously, though, teaching kids the value of keeping things picked up is a healthy, lifelong habit best introduced when kids are toddler-age. Though kids may let these early lessons slip throughout their teen years, I was pleased to see my efforts did resurface in their early adulthood. It's fun to make a game of cleaning up and having a place for everything sure helps to corral all that clutter.

How old is your LEGO fan?

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Lego is such a cool theme for a kid's bedroom. Legos bedroom decorations have been a favorite for a long time and I was happy to write this article showcasing the best Lego decor in hopes that your little Lego fan can have the best there is in Legoland! I truly hope you found the perfect Lego decoration for bedrooms here in my article or perhaps you can share where you found an interesting Lego bedroom decoration. Thanks for looking!


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