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Letterboxes and Mailboxes 4 You

Updated on March 27, 2016
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Before she became a fulltime quilt artist/tutor, Jan T Urquhart Baillie worked as an interior decorator for a wallpaper specialist.

Letterboxes (mailboxes) don't have to just boxes

In Australia, as you drive around in country areas, there are many fun adaptations of the traditional letterbox, especialy where there are groups of mailboxes at the junction of a country road, so the postman need only stop once.

I love the inventiveness of people, and I suppose the competitiveness of each family to see whose is the 'flashest'.

Even near isolated industrial areas, you will see a mixture of styles, like the picture here, which I took while drivng through a coal mining area.

Why do we have letterboxes?

So the postie can deliver our letters

Not only letters (mail) in the country.

The postie might bring bread, or other foodstuffs, milk, and anything else that the family has arranged to be dropped off by the mail contractor as they come past.

In towns, they are just for mail, letters and parcels. Sometimes the paper delivery person will put your newspaper in your letterbox too.

British postboxes are pillar box red

Royal mail
Royal mail

Image: Microsoft Image Gallery

Group of letterboxes
Group of letterboxes

Why did I take the picture

of letterboxes?

I took the photo at the beginning of this hub so that I can start a series of small wall quilts with country letterboxes printed on fabric.

I am going to take many more photos as we travel around, and expect to have lots of fun making the quilts.

My horrible unstylish letterbox - It came with the house - but it's not staying!

Unstylish letterbox
Unstylish letterbox

Why have a boring mailbox?

When you can have a colourful, or unusual one...

Irish postboxes are green

Irish postbox
Irish postbox

Fancy or plain mailboxes where you live?

Are there any unusual letterboxes in your area?

See results

Country letterboxes - on the other side of the world

Countryside letterboxes
Countryside letterboxes

Image: Microsoft Clipart Gallery

How cute are these?

Hand made decorative mailboxes

© 2011 Jan T Urquhart Baillie

Is your mailbox fancy or plain?

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    • JanTUB profile image

      Jan T Urquhart Baillie 6 years ago from Australia

      @Ann Hinds: The photo challenge was what inspired the topic. Different, eh?

    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 6 years ago from So Cal

      Our mailbox is in a bigger box that holds the entire street and is quite a walk. I miss the old days of an individual mailbox. Interesting lens on something that I would never have thought to write about.