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Little Girl Beds

Updated on October 12, 2013

Sweet Dreams: Beds & Decor for Little Girls

Decorating with these little girls' beds is a great way to begin transforming your little princess' room from a blank slate to a magical or majestic space you'll both love.

Beds are an ideal way to start your little girl off in a bedroom with a 'big girl bed' in a space she can call her very own. Once babyhood has passed, so many changes happen very quickly and just moving from crib to a bed can be a scary endeavor, indeed. I know; one of my twins was afraid of changes and this bed business was not going to happen.

Having a bed designed specifically for little girls is less frightening than a foreboding adult~sized addition. And decorating around them is more fitting ~ and just plain fun. Get from that little girl bed to a 'big' girl bed that's still for little girls. Sounds a bit complicated ~ even on paper.

Scroll down to peruse really cute beds for little girls with my decorating tips that will bring that bed front and center in your little one's bedroom.

Image credit: Little girls' pink toddler bed shown here is available below.

White Dream On Me Elora Little Girls' Toddler Bed with Storage Drawer

Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed Finish: White for Little Girls

KidKraft Raleigh Bed, White
KidKraft Raleigh Bed, White

With some children, moving to a 'big girl' bed can be quite scary but it's one of those necessary steps in your little girl's life.

Here's a tip I found helpful for making the transition a lot easier and I'll share more of them throughout this article.

Let your little girl 'help' put the bed together. Mind you, I'm using the term loosely. By 'help' it's good to put most of the bed together but have your girl help 'turn the last screw' in, while praising her efforts. She'll have an instant personal investment in the bed, making the introduction a bit smoother.

Here's a few wooden toddler beds that are just your little girl's size. Smaller beds are ideal for tighter areas affording you full function of a bed while enjoying more floor space for play.

Pink Little Tikes Toddler Bed for Little Girls
Pink Little Tikes Toddler Bed for Little Girls

Using Themed Furniture

Little Tikes Pink Race Car Bed for Girls

Fun, themed furniture can add an exciting element to moving from crib to a real bed while taking center stage in your little girl's bedroom. I like the idea of just plopping in your crib mattress, so that's one less expense you can save for later.

In my experience, the Little Tikes brand is sturdy and popular making it easy to sell it once your little girl is ready for a twin or full bed. With its good looks, sturdy construct and easy resale, a toddler bed like this one is quite the value.

Pink Wooden Toddler Bed for Little Girls

White Wooden Toddler Bed for Little Girls

Keeping within a budget when decorating can be a challenge ~ especially when we happen upon a piece that we've 'gotta have.' I suggest deciding on one element that you want to splurge on and let everything else support your favorite piece.

Toddler beds like these wood styles are quite the find with their usefulness and value in the room as an attractive focal piece. Because they're very reasonably priced, you can splurge on bedding or just keep everything low key with spending. There's really no need to spend a lot. Using your crib bedding can help allay any fears your little girl might have in the move; she'll have her familiar blankets and you'll save even more.

Little Girls' Pink Princess Four-Post Bed
Little Girls' Pink Princess Four-Post Bed

Creating a Focal Point

Pink Princess Four Poster Toddler Bed for Little Girls

Creating a focal point in your little girl's bedroom is easy when you use high contrasting colors between wall and furniture. Often, it's bedding that proffers the most contrast but a bed like this four poster, princess bed promises to be quite the showpiece with its strong pink hues, finished with gold-tipped posts, trim and headboard crowns.

Ideally, I suggest bathing walls in a lighter shade of pink, so the bed really POPS!. You'll have plenty of options for bedding, as pink is such an easy color to work with; you can pile pink-on-pink without it looking overdone. If your little girl has a penchant for pink, go all out with confidence. I was pleased to see how affordable this cute bed is; it's definitely for a little princess.

Using Color in Your Space - Little Girl's Wooden Toddler Bed

Fantasy Fields - Magic Garden Thematic Toddler Bed | Imagination Inspiring Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Details   Non-Toxic, Lead Free Water-based Paint
Fantasy Fields - Magic Garden Thematic Toddler Bed | Imagination Inspiring Hand Crafted & Hand Painted Details Non-Toxic, Lead Free Water-based Paint

Deciding on coordinating colors can be tricky but choosing just a few colors can get limit your choices for accessories, as your favorite lamp or rug may not be available in those colors.

The answer to the color issue lies in making the space a 'free range' of color, much like this bed's design where there's any number of color choices.

This colorful toddler sized bed is ideal for any little girl's favorite color walls and accessories. Pull any color from the head and foot boards and you're good to go without restrictions.

Step2 Pink & White Low Loft Bed for Little Girls
Step2 Pink & White Low Loft Bed for Little Girls

When Drama is a Must

Little Girl's Pink Low Loft Bed by Step2

I'm the hopeless decorator where I love to make drama from decor. If you've a look in mind and nothing else will do, that's a strong indication you'll get the most enjoyment, longer.

Beds that make a big statement like this low loft bed will fill that 'must-have' requirement. As I've mentioned, you'll have a piece that takes center stage, so all your additions will act as 'supporters' around this large focal point. With all eyes on the bed, you're not obligated to keep adding to get that WOW! factor.

Little Girls' Twin-Size Metal/Steel Low Loft White Bed: Bunk Bed with Slide

Little Girls' White Twin-Size Metal Bed: LexMod Country Cottage Iron Twin Bed Frame

Little Girls' Twin-Size Metal/Steel Bed: Rack Furniture Lindsay Pink Twin Bed

Girls Tent Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed in Light Pink & White Finish
Girls Tent Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed in Light Pink & White Finish

Kids are forever growing and needing and I'm more the 'now and later' decorator. While toddler beds may be your only option for getting your little girl out of the crib and into safer accommodations, you'll find that you're in the market for a larger, twin or full bed come the next growth spurt.

If your little girl isn't intimidated by their size, larger beds like these metal styles are a great option where spills and accidents won't be a problem.

Metal beds last a good while and promise to give years of slumber. Decorating will be a snap, as you have free range of fun hues to work with.

Little Girls' Pink & Purple Princess Castle Bed
Little Girls' Pink & Purple Princess Castle Bed

Decorating Larger Spaces

Little Girls Princess Castle Be with Slide

Larger bedrooms are always fun where little girls can have plenty of room to play. But all that added space means decorating around. Large beds like this castle bed with a fun slide help to fill the voids of open space while giving your little girl plenty of reasons to hop right in without fear.

If your girl is hesitant, consider playing with her in the new space, so she becomes familiar with it in a stress-free, fun way. It may take some getting used to in the course of several days as it took one of my boys but it will happen!

Ideas for Wall Art in Your Girl's Space - Cottage Bed for Little Girls by Little Tikes

Storybook Cottage Twin Canopy Bed
Storybook Cottage Twin Canopy Bed

Theme beds can make decorating easier, as you have an idea for wall art and color.

Wall decals will make a great presentation in your little girl's room. This cute cottage bed can be enhanced with flower and butterfly decals which are removable, reusable, easy to apply and really cheap.

Consider creating a mural using pieces from several decals. You're able to cut away pieces you don't want and make a striking wall of garden flowers. The designs are literally endless with wall decals in creating the perfect room for your little girl.


White Wrought Iron Canopy Bed Frame for Little Girls: Powell Princess Rebecca Sparkle Silver

White Canopy Beds for Little Girls: Twin Sized Metal Iron-Look Princess Bed with Canopy

White Canopy Beds for Little Girls: Twin & Full Size Metal Iron-Look Emily Bed with Canopy

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