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Bakeware - Best Madeleine Pan

Updated on September 1, 2011

A Madeleine pan is a must have in the home bakers kitchen. You can't bake Madeleine's without the correct baking pan and the wise cook would make sure they had a selection to hand.

Madeleine's are deliciously tasty small sponge cakes that originated in France and have been around for several centuries. They're easily replicated and incredibly simple to make - the only real item of bakeware required is a Madeleine pan.

Amazon have a good selection of the baking pans available for purchase, none of which are expensive. You can choose from among metal pans and silicone pans - the latter become more popular of late.

They're another handy bakeware item, much like a baking stone or bread pans. If you love Madeleine's then you'll definitely need a good Madeleine pan. Create a little baking envy with friends and family, by baking the tastiest and sweetest sponge cakes for miles around!

The size and type of pan you should purchase depends on whether you'd prefer a classic Madeleine pan or one of the non-stick variety.

You can also opt for the standard 12 cavity pans, though there are both smaller and larger capacity pans available.

The best selling and most popular of the range belongs to the well known brand Chicago Metallic.

They're a huge favorite with cooks and home bakers and they deserve their reputation for being one of the most sought after kitchenware manufacturers.

Of the 12 cavity Madeleine pan models available, the three featured to the left are the best sellers after the Chicago Metallic.

All three are of the nonstick variety, dishwasher safe and manufactured from easy care materials.

A nonstick Madeleine pan is pretty much the case with the ones featured on this article.

None will make you sweat when it comes to removing your freshly baked cakes from the pans, though it's highly recommended that you lightly spray your pans prior to adding the mixture.

Madeleine Recipe

A great Madeleine recipe is a simple enough endeavour - Amazon stock a selection of handy baking recipe books, many of which contain Madeleine recipes. Paris Sweets is one of the best selling recipe books and a definite treat for those that love baking their own Madeleine's.

Easy to follow recipes, lots of variations, enjoy!

A silicon Madeleine pan will serve just as well as a normal nonstick one. They're the contemporary cook's dream when it comes to baking and more and more home bakers are investing in silicon bakeware.

The two featured to the right are FDA approved, will cook your madeleines evenly, leaving the outside crisp, the inside light and fluffy. They're also inexpensive, dishwasher safe and highly durable. Great value for money.

Classic Madeleine Pan
Classic Madeleine Pan

Mini Madeleine Pan

Mini Madeleine pans are great for when you need to cook miniature cakes - maybe for a family gathering or a celebration.

They're also make fab chocolate and candy molds and can even be used as an alternative cookie pan!

The best sellingpan is the Norpro Nonstick Madeleine pan, top left. Manufactured by a well known bakeware company, they're robust, dishwasher safe and will help create delicious cakes time after time.

The next most popular pan is the Paderno World Cuisine pan, which is good for those looking to purchase a pan that turns out more cakes rather than less.

All are great value for money purchases and all will soon have you baking deliciously sweet cakes!


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