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Magic Eraser scrubber

Updated on December 2, 2015
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Mr Clean Magic Eraser


Why am I reviewing the magic eraser?

I find these great especially if you have children who might use crayon on the walls, or a husband (or yourself) with a dirty job. My father works filling propane tanks (yes I've teased him with jokes from that cartoon King of the Hill) when he gets home his hands are just about black. Every now and again I look around the house and start seeing built up dirt in areas like the light switches or the part of the door around the knob or where we push them open. The last time I did this was only a couple weeks ago and we actually had the scrubber left.

Well they guys give a review and you can have a laugh while they do

my Review

Our walls are not all smooth they may look it but once you rub it over it makes those 'rough' walls streak (now I don't know if it has something to do with the type of paint on the wall or not) but on the smoother walls (semi-gloss paint ?) it doesn't mess the wall up. It does 'Magically Erase' the grime whatever it may be (ne Crayon as there are no children around here & I doubt my cat will pick up a crayon and write on the wall for me!)

One of the problems with the eraser is that as you use it, of course its going to get dirty but it also 'smooshes' together that it gets a bit harder to clean with it. Another problem to me is once there is a bit of dirt on it, to me it seems to rub it back on (but that could just be the lighting in my house making it look that way).

I would advise once you go over the spots you need the eraser for, that you go over them with a a rag with some fantastic or some form of cleaner for that surface just to be sure you get streaks & an dirty that may have smudged back on off your walls and other high traffic areas.

So what is my Final verdict?

Good for spot cleaning but be sure you have a full box when you start. It does seem to 'Magically' take all sorts of stuff off especially hard to scrub areas. I give the product a C as there is room to improve it in my opinion.

How to improve it

  • maybe a bit more dense so it won't crumble so quickly

(I'll post ore ideas as I think of them or as you let me know your thoughts....)

Have you tried this product & did you like it or not

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    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 2 years ago from United States

      I use them all of the time! I definitely agree with your review. I do hate when they start to crumble, but they are great spot cleaners.