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Magic Mesh Screen Door Review

Updated on June 3, 2013

Magic Mesh Screen Door

I recently purchased the Magic Mesh Screen Door and thought I'd do a little review for you. I know we see so many products on tv and the concept seems great but do they really work.

I can't tell you how many times a dog, either mine or a friend's, have gone through my screen door. My husband has even walked into the screen door. For some reason, our screen door had to be custom ordered, so it's a little on the pricey side. So after the dog tore down the door for the umpteeth time, I was not a happy camper. Certainly not ready to order a new screen door. I saw the Magic Mesh on TV and thought "wow, what a great idea." Finally, I broke down and bought one, for the cost, if it didn't work I could return it.

There are a number of varieties of mesh screen doors that work with the same concept and come in different sizes.

About the Mesh Screen Door

Though I've seen various styles of a "Mesh Screen Door", I purchased the Magic Mesh Instant Screen Door. Mesh Screens Doors are an instant screen door that goes up in minutes and can be a temporary screen door that you can use for family gatherings or get together's with family and friends. Use a temporary screen door on a cool evening with a cool breeze with bugs or flying critters will not be able to come into your home.

  1. Comes with 12 double sided velcro tabs that you attach to the top and sides of the panels.
  2. Comes with 2 panels, 18 inches each to cover a door of 36 inches
  3. Has 18 very strong magnets, 9 on each panel
  4. Comes with wood tacks to be used if you have a wood molding.
  5. Panels are well made mesh, not to be confused with wire screening.
  6. After the initial installation, make sure that you adjust the side to make sure that there are no gaps. I did this and there are no gaps on either side or the top. The bottom is not attached.

Ease of Installation

I was concerned about installing the Magic Mesh because I have vinyl. However, the Magic Mesh came with double sided velcro that attaches to the panel and the door enclosure. Velcro attaches to the top and one side of the door with the magnets attaching in the middle.

Super easy to install, place the velcro tabs on the panel, line them up on the door and you are set to go. No tools, no fuss, no mess.

Using the Magic Mesh Screen Door

I have three dogs and two 20ish boys with lots of friends that are at our house. In and Out all day.....In and Out......sometimes they drive me crazy. Like my muddy 70 pound baby waiting to get into the house.

Since the magnets attract each side, when you walk through the Magic Mesh Screen Door, it automatically closes behind you. Walking through the Magic Mesh Screen Door is easy, really just walk through the door, you can even push with your tush.

Since the Magic Mesh Screen Door closes behind you, it keep out the flies and bugs and allows you to have a nice cool breeze of fresh air in your home.

Recommendation Of The Magic Mesh Screen Door

l would definitely recommend the Magic Mesh Screen Door. It is easy to install and easy to use and best of all keeps the flies out of my house.

A 5 Star Product

Magic Mesh is the hands-free screen door that lets you keep fresh air in and annoying bugs out. It fits single doors, sliding doors, RVs and more. It opens easily and then instantly closes behind you.

As Seen on TV Magic Mesh

Installing Your Magic Mesh Screen Door

Do You Need A Screen Door?

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