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Make Miniature Pies At Home With Your Own Mini Pie Bakery

Updated on September 29, 2014

I love pie. What I love even more are little pies. I use to make mini pies using a muffin tin which wasn't always the easiest method. The crust was hard to shape and the pies would often break as I took them out. When I discovered there was an actual machine made to make mini pies I was automatically intrigued. I have bought Nostalgia Electrics products before and had been satisfied so when I found out they made a mini pie bakery I was tempted to try it out. My husband found out about my excitement and for Christmas I found my own mini pie maker under the tree.

I loved the light blue color of it because it matches other tools I have in the kitchen perfectly. It reminds me of retro colors popular in the 50s. Nostalgia Electrics is great at creating retro looking products that are unique and fun to use in the kitchen.

The first thing I made in my new pie maker were mini apple pies. This mini pie bakery comes with a double sided pie dough cutting tool which is basically like a cookie cutter. One side makes a large circle and the other side makes a slightly smaller circle. The larger circle becomes the base of the pie and the smaller the top of the pie if you want a top. Each mini pie is small enough to hold in your hand and but big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. I'd say eating two of them is pretty filling.

The pie maker is very simple to use. You simply plug it in and it starts heating up. You have to preheat it and a green light will turn on to let you know it is the proper temperature to start cooking. It helps to use nonstick cooking spray on the cooker to ensure your crust doesn't stick. Once that is sprayed on you put your base crust in the pie molds in the cooker. You then put your filling inside and if you want a crust top then put your top on. Once you have your pie in the machine you close the lid for around 10 minutes (cook time depends on the pie though). The lid of the machine also had pie shaped molds which seal the top crust to the bottom and make a nice wavy design on the edges. After 10 minutes you should have a perfectly cooked pie.

I also made mini meat pies in it and it worked great. I made chicken pot pies which did take a little longer than 10 minutes. I think the runny filling of a pot pie might make it take longer for crust to cook. Pumpkin pie also turns out wonderfully. I make my pumpkin pies without a lid and they still cook beautifully. One batch of filling for one pie can get you 10 to 20 pies depending on what you are making and your recipe.

This was a great gift for me because I love to cook. I'd say it is my husband's best gift decision. It gets a lot of use and is easy to clean and put away. I'd give it 5 stars out of 5 for a wonderful product.

This machine is for cake pops but its works just like the pie maker


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    • RussnJo profile image

      RussnJo 3 years ago

      I have never seen a pie maker like this - a wonderful invention, and one I think I would enjoy using - nice review :)

    • snowwhitecat2014 profile image

      snowwhitecat2014 3 years ago

      @paulahite: Thanks for the share! Glad you enjoyed the review!

    • paulahite profile image

      Paula Hite 3 years ago from Virginia

      Yum!! I shared your lens on our G+ page today.