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Makita Belt Sander Review

Updated on June 4, 2014

A good power sander is an essential part of any good tool shed or work shop and often there will be more than one type of power sanders to hand. This is so the do it yourself handyman can produce a great finish to all woodworking jobs with the minimum of time and fuss. So it makes sense to arm yourself with a good quality wood sander or two so that you have the nest of both worlds when it comes time to put a good finish on your work.

As power tools go there are several highly respected manufacturers that cater for the home workshop or small business commercial workshop and one of these is Makita power tools. Being the owner of some of their tools, it makes sense to feature the Makita belt sander here and to explain what its main functions are in the woodworking workshop and the benefits of owning this piece of do it yourself power equipment.

Makita Belt Sander Uses

There are many uses for the Makita belt sander, of which most revolve around the fast sanding of large areas of wood, such as doors, table tops, wooden work tops etc.

The model I have, which is the 9903 has variable speed sanding for different sanding jobs and a large 3 inch by 21 inch sanding area. So when you need to sand down a large area such as a table top quickly, the highest speed setting coupled with a course abrasive sandpaper band makes that job really quick. Then switch to a finer abrasive band to smooth the surface down before finishing off with a finer orbital sander to get a really smooth finish.

This power sander can also be used for sanding metal surfaces and is really good for getting old paint and rust off things like flat iron gates, steel garage doors and steel security doors. There are dozens of jobs that this machine will certainly help you to do better, quicker and more efficiently while giving you a really professional finish.

But it gets most of its use in the woodwork workshop where in addition to smoothing down large area wood surfaces it is also a fast way of stripping off old varnish and paint from doors and tabletops ready for preparation for new varnish or paintwork.

Makita Belt Sander Features

The Makita belt sander is a relatively quiet sander rated at 85dB which is pretty good for this type of tool. It is capable of delivering a speed of between 690 ft./min up to1,440 ft./min. As well as being used for sanding wood it can also be used for sanding metal and removing paint, varnish and rust fro surfaces.

Its design means you can flush sand right into the corners of work pieces with the nose and also the side of sander. The auto-tracking belt system means the unit will tract the belt without need for manual adjustment.

The solid feeling front grip is well designed for a comfortable operating position and the great thing about the Makita belt sander is that it also has a dust bag for clean operation and to minimize dust and debris getting thrown up into the atmosphere of the workshop.

If you want more options, there is a sanding shoe that is available as an accessory which allows for precise control over the unit's sanding depth. Having that kind of control is a definite advantage when it comes to getting those professional quality jobs done.

Whether you are taking on a really big job or even just working on a smaller area in your own home, owning one of these machines can be a really massive benefit. You don't have to have one to do a really great job of course, but just think of the time you would save and the hassle you would avoid if you did own one!

As a work horse in the woodworking workshop, the Makita belt sander is a really useful tool that saves a lot of time and effort when sanding larger work pieces and it has earned its place in the tool rack with the most used power tools in the workshop.

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