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Memory Foam Pads

Updated on August 15, 2009

There are so many benefits to be had by sleeping on a memory foam mattress that they are becoming very popular. One of the problems faced by many people is that they are an extra expense when perhaps their existing mattress is still in perfect condition and it would appear wasteful to throw it out and go buy a new memory foam mattress to replace it.

There is a solution that is far more cost effective and allows you to retain your existing mattress while having all the benefits of the memory foam itself. This is to purchase a memory foam pad for your bed. memory foam pads are exactly what they sound like they are, full sized pads made of memory foam that lay on top of your existing mattress. Let's look at their advantages and the many benefits that sleeping on memory foam can bring.

Memory Foam Pads Advantages

If you recently bought a new mattress for your bed, or your existing mattress is still in pretty good condition and you would like the benefits of a memory foam mattress, then there is a great and inexpensive alternative to simply replacing it with a full sized memory foam mattress.

You could purchase a memory foam mattress pad instead, which would work out a lot less expensive. These accessories add all the great benefits of memory foam to your existing mattress without the need to go the whole hog and buy a new one. Memory foam pads can be specially cut so that they fit your bed perfectly, fitting under the bed sheets so that you'll get the full benefit of the memory foam effect.

This way you can have all the advantages of a memory foam mattress without the expense of buying a new one. Those advantages are a more restful night's sleep thanks the the ability of the memory foam mattress pad to mold to your body shape whether you lie on your back or side during sleep.

How to Get the Best from Memory Foam Pads

The reason many people like memory foam mattresses is because they have several great benefits over regular mattresses. By using a memory foam pad fitted on top of a regular mattress, you gain many of the same benefits, such as relieving pressure points, improving circulation and blood flow, reducing all that tossing and turning in bed, avoiding the transfer of motion from one person to the other and allowing for a much deeper, more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

A good memory foam bed pad will really make a difference to the person sleeping on a regular mattress and that difference will be noticed almost right away after the very first good night's sleep. The make it feel like you've been sleeping on one of the real memory foam mattresses even though you didn't actually buy one, but instead opted for a memory foam mattress pad that really does a similar job with all the benefits and without the great expense.

For a person who weighs under 100 lbs, such as a child, a 2” thick memory foam pad is best. If a person weighs between 100 lbs and 300 lbs then a 3” memory foam topper is the better. choice. This is because people who are at a higher weight level require more thickness of memory foam in order to obtain that level of comfort and to obtain the full effect of the memory foam. You can obtain 4” memory foam pads but that is generally considered more than is necessary for all but the heaviest people, over 300 lbs in weight.

That means there is a size of memory foam mattress pad to suit everyone and therefore you can have all the benefits of a restful night's sleep for the cost of a simple memory foam topper rather than the whole complete mattress.


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