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The Pros and Cons of Owning a Mesh Office Chair

Updated on August 24, 2015

In case you are thinking of purchasing a new office chair, and guessing that mesh may be the perfect material for you, this post will help you decide whether your guess is right or wrong.

In this post, you will get acquainted with all the pros of mesh office chairs that make them so popular, as well as with the cons of mesh office chairs that nobody really talks about much.

First, we will take a look at the advantages of trusting mesh, and then we will focus on the disadvantages.

Let’s get started.

The Pros

These are the primary advantages associated with office chairs made of mesh:

1. Mesh chairs provide excellent ventilation

This is the number one reason why people choose mesh over leather or fabric. Mesh desk chairs have the ability to provide a kind of ventilation that is just superb. When you sit on an ergonomic mesh chair, you do not have to worry about hot air getting trapped between you and the back of the chair even during summer. That is because a mesh construction will allow your body to breathe.

2. Mesh does not cost a fortune

Good leather chairs are often priced outrageously high. In order to get a quality chair having leather upholstery, you need to spend at least $500 or close. But, not so with mesh! You can easily get chairs made of mesh that are very good in quality for around $100.

3. Mesh is quite easy to maintain

Since mesh has a plastic feel, removing stains and spills from it is not the hardest of tasks out there. It is very easy to maintain mesh and keep it clean. You do not even have to commit a lot of time to the job.

4. Mesh office chairs are not bulky or heavy

While, in most cases, chairs made of fabric or leather tend to be quite heavy or bulky, chairs made of mesh tend to be lightweight and compact. So, carrying chairs made of mesh from one place to another is not as inconvenient as carrying chairs made of other common materials.

To summarize, a mesh office chair is good for you, because:
It provides adequate ventilation
It comes for an affordable price
It ensures straightforward maintenance
It guarantees easy handling

The Cons

Now that you have found out what the advantages of using a mesh chair in office are, take a look at the disadvantages:

1. Mesh office chairs are not very comfortable

If you are used to sitting on leather upholstery or fabric upholstery, then you will probably find the experience of sitting on mesh for long durations quite uncomfortable. That is because mesh just cannot give you the feeling of sinking in, no matter how expensive or good in quality!

2. Mesh products are not too durable

Mesh chairs come in two varieties, soft and hard. The problem with hard mesh office chairs is that they are not the most comfortable chairs out there. And soft ones tend to start sagging after a while. If you want comfort and durability together, then mesh may not be the right material for you.

3. Mesh models are quite plain and boring

Generally, office chairs come in all shapes, styles and sizes. But, the really stylish chairs you see on magazines and advertisements are almost never made of mesh. The majority of chairs made of mesh tend to look somewhat similar to each other. In other words, mesh can be quite boring and unappealing visually.

To summarize, a mesh office chair is bad for you, because:
It fails to give you maximum comfort
It scores low on durability
It looks very plain

Generally speaking, the disadvantages of using a mesh desk chair are not too bad. However, whether you feel the same or not depends on what you are looking for in your chair.

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