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Metal Cutting Circular Saw

Updated on November 30, 2010

Often, a home improvement project, auto repair, restoration or refurbishment project, or an engineering project of some description will require that you cut some metal. It may be metal tubing, pipe, box section tubing, steel sheets, molds or plates on a fairly small scale, although larger than would otherwise be easily done by hand using a general hacksaw. 

In these cases, where the job is too big for hand tools but too small to be economically viable for for making use of industrial steel cutting services, a metal cutting circular saw is the ideal power tool to get the job done with relative ease and fuss.

Here we'll look at the several uses that metal cutting circular saws can be put to and their benefits over other types of power tools.

Metal Cutting Circular Saw Benefits

The benefits of owning a metal cutting circular saw are many when compared to the slowness and tough work involved with using a hand saw such as a hacksaw or junior hacksaw to cut through a lot of metal pieces. From an economical viewpoint, the main benefit of ownership of a metal cutting circular saw over making use of an industrial metal workshop is a cost saving on repeat metal cutting jobs that will crop up from time to time when you are an enthusiast for fixing, restoring or refurbishing metal machinery or objects that require metal cutting.

A metal cutting circular saw will slice through a lot of metal box tubing in short order making it a very fast way to get the job done in preference to doing it by hand. For cutting pipes,  metal circular saw blades tend to produce a cleaner cut than a hacksaw, although for a truly perfect cut, a propriety pipe cutting tool should be used.

What Types of Metal Cutting Circular Saws Are There?

There are several manufacturers such as Makita power tools, Ryobi power tool, Black and Decker, Bosch, De Walt etc that make metal cutting circular saws and they come in different sizes.There are size designations such as the 4 circular saw, the 7 1 4 circular saw and the 7 inch circular saw. Although probably the most popular size is the 10 inch circular saw for its superior accuracy and faster cutting ability due to the larger circular saw blade.

There are specialty versions of the basic tool such as the laser circular saws which provide a highly focused and accurate cutting line even with dust and debris flying about the place. Of course there are the regular corded circular saw and the more portable version, the cordless circular saw that is growing in popularity especially when there are cutting jobs that need to be done far away from electrical outlets such as on remote homesteads without an electric hookup or far out of town where there is pretty much nothing around.

A very special diamond circular saw blade can also be purchased that will far outlive regular circular saw blades because of their extra tough cutting edge. This will obviously depend upon what it is you are aiming to cut mostly, of course as it would not be much of an investment if all you were cutting was soft wood planks.

Makita circular saws have a pretty good reputation as good quality home or DIY power tools and they are known to be reliable and long lived. But the manufacturer is often down to personal choice as some people swear by Bosch products, while others may go for more well advertised makes such as Black and Decker.


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  • Brent Stone profile image

    Brent Stone 6 years ago

    Its cordless for me for finishing work. I believe they give you a better cut as they have the thinner blades. Especially the the Dewalt cordless trim saw. They don't have a great deal of torque so you need a good power saw for the heavier stuff. Great Hub thanks for sharing.

  • Authorite profile image

    Authorite 6 years ago from UK

    Thanks Greg, I just looked at your hub about KT Pro hand tools, its good stuff!

  • Greg Palmer profile image

    Greg Palmer 6 years ago

    This is a well written Hub, thank you! I can also recommend the KT Pro Handtools line as another brand worth considering.