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Faux Moose Head Wall Mounts

Updated on June 11, 2014

Decorating with Moose Head Decor & Faux Wall Mounts

These fun and realistic faux moose head wall mounts make great decor for your cabin, modern great room or cool, SoHo-style loft apartment. And they're quite the head-turner and conversation-starter, too.

Wall mounts are a cool way to dress up your bland wall, making it come "alive" using the color from the resin sculptures or nature, complements of the realistic faux mounts. For a fun tween or teen vibe, go with funky color moose heads.

Line several of the resin moose heads in a row for a novel way to create a focal point in your favorite room, or opt for the realistic faux Moose Heads to create a lodge~like, cabin look and feel mounting one above your fireplace mantel.

If you're like me and want the beast's beauty without the 'beast' faux sculptures are the way to go: there's no need to go hunting anywhere, nor learn taxidermy for these guilt~free, faux Moose Heads and fun, decorating ideas.

Scroll down and I'll show you how to create your space ~ beginning with a single moose head.

Image Credit: Resin Moose Head Wall Mount shown here is available below.

Wondrous White Moose Head - Contrast is King

White Faux Taxidermy The Edmonton Moose Head Sculpture, White
White Faux Taxidermy The Edmonton Moose Head Sculpture, White

White may seem like a lackluster, no go decor choice if you're into drama but really white is extremely versatile; it's a 'blank slate' of sorts, where you have total freedom in your decor path.

This white moose head wall mount can seemingly leap from a dark hued wall for one dramatic statement. It's all about contrast and what you pair with this fun-to-sophisticated white moose. Conversely, you can create a monochromatic ambiance with hanging this piece against a white wall like shown here, at left.

Whatever your choice for wall color, this white moose head will certainly earn its keep as a show stopper.


Realistic Mount North American Moose Head Bust Wall Hanging 23 x 10 x 20 inches - Approx. 23" Antlers

Realistic Wall Mount North American Brown Moose Head Bust 22.5" H 15.75" W 13.75" D antlers Approx. 16"

Bronze Moose Head Wall Mount
Bronze Moose Head Wall Mount

A Different Twist on Natural Color:

Bronze Moose Wall Mount

This majestic moose head melds the idea of a bronze sculpture and a hint of wilderness with the result being an amazing piece of wall art. Its generous 20" H X 23" W X 12.75" D size is one unique piece of wall art.

The highly-reflective antlers compound any existing light in your space with its metallic finish. Ideally, you'll have the biggest benefit to your decor if you opt for overhead lighting where you can enjoy the added shimmer this beast will project. Realistic elements done up in bronze.

Don't forget about those LED lights I've mentioned, with their battery operation and remote so you don't have to mess with awkward on/off switches ten feet in the air.

Imposing size, amazing antlers, bold presence in your space.

Truly majestic.

Click on this moose's image to see the specs.

Mini Faux Moose Head Resin Wall Mount: 13.5" H X 12.5" W X 4.75" D

Faux Moose Head Mini Wall Mount: Measures:13.5" H X 12.5" W X 4.75" D

Small Resin Moose Head Wall Mount: Size: 13.5" H X 12.5" W X 4.75" D

Mini Gold Moose Head: The Elcide | Gold Moose Head Wall Decor | Moose Head Wall Mount | Faux Taxidermy | Animal Head Wall Hanging Sculpture | Animal Mounts | Trophy Taxidermy
Mini Gold Moose Head: The Elcide | Gold Moose Head Wall Decor | Moose Head Wall Mount | Faux Taxidermy | Animal Head Wall Hanging Sculpture | Animal Mounts | Trophy Taxidermy

Metal finishes are fabulous for bouncing light around the dullest of spaces.

Notice with the gold moose head at left, here and how light is captured on the antlers and at the moose's neck and nose--really everywhere. Too, you'll realize the benefits of light that's reflected from its finish. You might consider supplementing your available light with those new LED lights with remote, where you won't have an ugly electrical cord and an on/off switch to contend with.

I'm loving these little cuties. They're mini versions of their bigger relatives above but they've plenty of visual energy via the power of metal finishes.

I recommend mounting one inside a shelf where it will hold its own (include a small LED light with remote like I mentioned). Or, to create a large display on a narrower wall, hang several in a line vertically for a unique look that shines three~fold. Go further with a novel look in your space and hang four of them going around a corner.

Draw several angles and possibilities to realize the best results. Or use shoe boxes as models and tape them to your wall in different patterns. You'll be surprised what you come up with!


Getting Your Wan Walls to WOW!

Black Moose Head Wall Mount

This black moose head wall mount packs a powerful punch if you're stuck with beige, white~canvas type walls or quirky architecture you loathe.

The high contrast between black and white means you'll achieve a striking focal point if you opt to hang your mount on a focal wall. And the result will catapult your plain walls up a notch or ten, as these guys take over and divert admirers' attention from your otherwise, problem areas.

Mount several of these big guys herd-style in a random arrangement of three or more. Or create a gallery look for extra awesome~ness (that's my decor term, by the way). Can you envision the powerful punch these moose (or, is it meeses?) will proffer up when your guests get quite the surprise from such a striking focal point?

Click on the image to see all the specs

Faux Colorful Blue Moose Head Resin Wall Mount: 21.75" H 24.5" W 7.75" D

Colorful Yellow Antlers Resin Moose Head Wall Mount: Size: 21.75" H 24.5" W 7.75" D

Cool Turquoise Faux Moose Head Wall Mount: Size ~ 21.75" H 24.5" W 7.75" D

Faux Moose Head Wall Mount in Mint Green - The Nico By White Faux Taxidermy | Large Resin Animal Head Wall Hanging | Chic Home Decor Sculpture
Faux Moose Head Wall Mount in Mint Green - The Nico By White Faux Taxidermy | Large Resin Animal Head Wall Hanging | Chic Home Decor Sculpture

Color is definitely king with these funky moose head wall mounts. Create a fun environment or build on your existing palette to add much~appreciated flair like none other. These guys come in an array of other cool colors but here's a few I chose for that high contrast success you aim for when decorating. Different, definitely, but boring NOT!


Do your prefer the realistic or faux moose?

What's Your Fave?

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These moose head wall mounts are a good representation of the real deal. You'll have the drama without the drama. I can think of tons of arrangements for these guys and here's another one before I 'sign off': for a real dramatic presentation, mount one of these imposing pieces on a mantle or have it command attention on a small wall where it will be in the spotlight. They’ll make an amazing focal point and define your space as a cozy retreat.

Add your decorating tips, here. I'd love to hear your ideas!

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      pitlock 4 years ago

      I totally love,love moose my whole home is decorated in moose

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      QuirkyGifts 5 years ago

      A really Quirky collection - great fun