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12 Most Important Safety Tips on Mowing Loan or Cutting Grass

Updated on May 7, 2013

Safety Comes First

Whether you mow the lawn or cut the grass, this weekly task can be dangerous when not done with care. People should start to think about safety before starting their riding or walk-behind mowers. Both types of mowers can cause serious injuries if not used properly.


A list of 12 Most Important Safety Tips on Mowing - Learning to stay safe

  • First – read the owner's manual;in this manual you find important information about many things including special safety tips that apply specifically to the lawn mower equipment you purchased

  • Children should never be passengers on riding mowers - the child should be certain age and mature enough to understand lawn mower safety and be able to operate a lawn mower. Please check with your local police department for laws that apply in your state.

  • Always wear sturdy shoes while mowing –never ever mow your lawn in sandals (or bare feet). Sandals don't provide any safety at all and little support when pushing a lawn mower.

  • Young children should be at a safe distance from the area being mowed

  • Pick up debris, yard tools and hoses from the lawn before starting to mow, to prevent injuries from flying objects

  • Do not use a lawnmower on hills unless you know how to do so properly

  • Do not mow when the grass is wet and slippery

  • Wear eye (Safety Goggles) and ear protection (ear plugs or ear muffs); too many times people go out and put a hat instead of wearing safety glasses; remember you have them on for safety and not for the look.Grab someinexpensive ear plugs that will do the job. It is highly recommended to wear those when you are operating the mower; you are at most only a couple of feet away from that noisemaker.

  • Use a mower with a control that stops it from moving forward if the handle is released

  • Never pull backward or mow in reverse unless is absolutely necessary – first carefully look for others behind you when backing up

  • Maintain your lawnmower so that it operates properly

Be on Alert!

Injuries can include deep cuts, loss of fingers or toes, eye injuries and even limb amputations. Statistics show that in 2009 alone there were over 200,000 Americans treated for lawn mower related injuries, as many as 19,000 under age 19. That is an increased percent since 2008.


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    • glassvisage profile image


      7 years ago from Northern California

      These are great tips. Another might include not using mowers for purposes other than mowing lawns - I just heard of a person who cut themselves trying to use their manual push mower to hedge their bushes!

    • Etherealenigma profile image

      Sandra M Urquhart 

      8 years ago from Fort Lauderdale

      Thanks for writing this article. I'm about to purchase a lawn mower and have my 16 year old son cut the grass. This was very helpful. GB


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