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Touchless Motion Sensor Bathroom & Kitchen Faucet

Updated on October 10, 2014
Bathroom motion sensor faucet
Bathroom motion sensor faucet | Source

Why Use a Motion Sensor Faucet?

A mention sensor faucet is an automatic device that responds to a user passing a part of their body (in most cases the hands) over sensors which turn the faucet on or off. Be it for the bathroom or kitchen, a motion sensor faucet offers a number of advantages over the traditional manual faucet:

  • Ease of operation as it does not require manual turning on and off which can take up a lot of your time especially when you consider the number of times you use the faucet
  • Hygienic unlike the manual facets which are a repository of harmful germs which are transferred to people when they touch them during hand washing
  • Saves water as it is released in short bursts when it is required unlike the manual faucets which keep running with water as one is soaping up
  • Prevents injuries such as scalding from hot water as the faucet will immediately cut off water supply when the hand is suddenly removed

Infrared faucets allow significant savings. Indeed, they are equipped with a cell infrared detection that automatically identifies the presence of a hand or object (glass pot) falling within its field of view.

The water flows as soon as a presence is detected. But as soon as the hand or kitchen utensils is out of the "radar" of the infrared motion detector, the water flow is cut off. Clearly, an infrared faucet is like a limiter / water regulator. The water is automatically turned off when you do need it anymore.

A major advantage of water faucets is the significant savings in water bills which can be as much as 70%.

Kitchen Motion Sensor Faucets

Working in the kitchen can be time consuming and attention distracting. One moment you are mixing ingredients and the next you are checking the progress of your food. These activities can overwhelm someone and it is not unusual to find the kitchen sink faucet continuously running with water.

An automatic motion sensor faucet in the kitchen solves this problem in addition to the fact that it is also hygienic, which is very important in a food environment. The following automatic faucets are among the best in the market based on price, quality and durability.

Hayesfield bathroom faucet
Hayesfield bathroom faucet | Source

KOHLER K-72218-VS Kitchen Faucet

  • A/c powered sensor responds in a very short time
  • Accurate detection sensor prevents unintended activation
  • Two position button
  • Spray-head is attached using a magnet which it return to position easily
  • Easily returns to normal stream mode after using in spray mode
  • Sensor can easily be switched to manual mode which is useful especially when there is no power
  • Made from spot resist stainless steel

Moen 7594ESRS Arbor Kitchen Faucet

  • Unique high arc design for counter clearance
  • Chrome finish giving it metallic grey look
  • A/c power controlled
  • Easy to install even over old faucet points
  • Handle can be fixed on either side of sink without any hinderance

Delta 9159-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet

  • Quick install - - 2 hours max inclusive of removal of old faucet where applicable
  • Single handle pull-down
  • Arctic stainless steel
  • High arc design frees-up sink worktop area
  • Spray-head design prevents over-spraying or excessive splatter
  • Can be installed in an outdoor kitchen

Hayesfield Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

  • Battery or A/c power operated
  • Long-life batteries lasts up to 6 months
  • Ease of installation
  • No touch operation reduces chances of cross contamination in the kitchen
  • Comes with a soap dispenser from the same manufacturer
  • Motion sensor can be turned on and off whenever applicable

KOHLER K-596-VS Kitchen Faucet

  • Easy to install one hole drilling reduces the amount of clutter new the kitchen sink counter
  • Spray-head that is easy to clean and does not accumulate salts
  • Sleek design that is compatible with any kitchen
  • Rotating spray-head increases sink space for other activities

Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom is one place that a hands-free faucet can come in handy because of the high number of contamination sources that can be found there. Touching the manual faucet after going to the bathroom will make it a source for spreading of germs and the automatic faucet comes in handy under these conditions.

There are many high quality motion sensor faucets for the bathroom from a number of manufacturers and the following are just a few of the best.

LAYKOR Automatic Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

This beautifully crafted touch-free bathroom sink is made from chrome and comes with both a battery and a/c power option. Distributed by Laykor USA, the product has the following features and specifications:

  • 110v or AA battery power outlets
  • Operating temperature range of between 0.1 to 45 degrees Centigrade
  • Water pressure range of between 0.1 to 0.5 MPa
  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Easy to install

Kohler K-13466 Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

The faucet is made from high quality brass that is corrosion resistant and comes with the standard guarantee from the manufacturer. Other features of this faucet include:

  • Water-Sense technology allows it to use 30% less water than conventional brands
  • Securely mounts in a single and requires just one hole for installation
  • Single hole faucet reduces clutter on sink countertop

FREUER Magia Motion Sensor Bathroom Faucet

Made from highly polished brass, the faucet is engineered for durability and ease of installation. It is designed in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing yet functional and easy to install.

Some of the faucets come with dispensers as standard but you will need to buy accessories for some. These accessories include:

  • A/c power adapters
  • Sink strainers
  • Soap and lotion dispensers
  • Air gap inlet
  • Under-mounted sink
  • Disposal flanges
  • Secondary faucets
  • Garbage disposal units
  • Temperature mixing valves
  • Basin bottom racks


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