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My Favorite Blogs for Design Inspiration

Updated on December 21, 2015

Dress Up Your Décor

Decorating enlivens spaces, invigorates the soul and transforms the energy of rooms to fit a season, mood or style. Whether you have a strong sense of personal style or an eclectic range of tastes, interior design inspiration blogs are a delight for the eyes. Here are a few of my favorite interior design blogs that are great for keeping up with trends and seeing inside model homes. In any form, design inspiration can give you the impetus to redecorate your space and make decorating a lifestyle thing.

Photo courtesy  of:  Dee Adams
Photo courtesy of: Dee Adams

Apartment Therapy

A list of interior design blogs wouldn't be complete without mentioning Apartment Therapy. Their features are modern, practical and intensely inspirational. As the name implies, they focus on people who lives in apartments and rented spaces yet manage to create diverse designs that many homeowners would be envious of.

What could be more inspiring than before and afters, tutorials, home tours and lots and lots of pictures! The site's only shortcoming is its immense size, which makes it a little difficult. If you get lost in its pages and regional sub-blogs, you'll only find more inspiration.... Visit Apartment Therapy today.

My favorite features are the budget-living posts, small space tips and before and after.

Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure
Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure

This is the blog's top-rated book, although they currently have several other titles, including the newly released Complete and Happy Home.

Photo courtesy  of:  Décor8
Photo courtesy of: Décor8


Decor8 serves up a daily helping of stylish delight. This exceptional blog is accessible, well-written and definitely inspiring. Decor8 was created by expat freelancer Holly Becker, who is from New Hampshire can currently resides in Hannover, Germany. Holly shares home tours, inspiring projects and design products to transform any space.

Her style is modern, comfortable and naturally elegant without seeming overly planned or contrived.

Stop by Decor8 for inspiration today.

Decorate by Holly Becker

Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

World-class photos and design advice from Amy Butler, Jonathan Adler and home decor gurus pack this book from cover to cover. In keeping with the naturally sophisticated style perpetuated on the design blog Decor8, freelancer Holly Becker compiles a tremendous amount of inspiration with the help of acclaimed photographer Debi Treloar and lifestyle writer Joanna Copestick.

Photo courtesy  of:  Bloesem Living
Photo courtesy of: Bloesem Living


Bloesem Living is a collaborative effort between a well-traveled team of two credentialed design lovers.

Sleek and utterly modern, Bloesem showcases a variety of trends, innovative products and inspiring interiors.

Raised in Europe and Africa, the Bloesem design team puts a unique spin on design ideas and trends from around the world.

Discover the Bloesem style today.

Photo courtesy  of:  Clared23
Photo courtesy of: Clared23

Design Sponge

With 150,000 subscribers, 75,000 unique visitors a day and countless fans, Design*Sponge is one of the most popular decor blogs on the web.

The site's creator Grace Bonney has a knack for inspiring and create posts that showcases a natural aesthetic style is modern yet not ridged, organized yet not contrived and always eclectically comfortable. With paper design publications dying out a few years ago, Bonney decided that blogs were the future and she needed to go all-in. We're all grateful!

My favorite features are the tutorials and the beautiful photos. Visit Design*Sponge to see what I'm talking about.

Design*Sponge: The Book

Design*Sponge at Home
Design*Sponge at Home

Billed as a home decor bible for fans of Design*Sponge, this classic book features tutorials, projects, real home tours and inspiring advice that have become hallmarks of Grace Bonney, the design mastermind and creator begin the outstanding design blog.


Design Addict

Design Addict gathers inspiration for all parts of the world and many eras. This diverse blog puts a truly global perspective on design and art objects. Whether it's a rustic wooden table or a set of sleek bookshelves, Design Addict gathers the best of the best to delight its readers. Soak up inspiration from Design Addict.

SF Girl By Bay

Created with a unique West Coast-perspective, SF Girl By Bay provides an eclectic source of inspiration that is modern, Bohemian, rustic and exceptionally at the same time.

Chock full of inspiring photos and interiors, this unique blog is a great resource for anyone developing their own eclectic style.

Get inspired by SF Girl by Bay today.


From modern skyscrapers to interior designs, Dezeen is a design magazine with global reach. This sprawling blog features an immense range of inspirational photos and features on everything from architecture to design objects.

Drop by Dezeen to gather inspiration for your interior.


Established in 1999, DesignBoom is an important publication for aspiring designers, amateurs and established pros. The blog's features span the worlds of art, architecture and design. They are also one of the premier sources for design competitions. Recently, readers helped design a logo for Moleskine Italy as well as the latest Renault vehicle. Visit DesignBoom and get your inspiration on!

I just love the innovative architecture featured on the site, especially the sustainable home designs.

Sweet Paul

Sweet Paul was first brought to my attention on the Etsy Storque. Whether you're searching for design ideas or a delicious dessert recipe, you'll fine a complete selection of lifestyle ideas on this blog, which is affiliated with the creators Sweet Magazine.

Paul himself, the magazine's creator, is a Scandinavian import, food stylist, prop curator and a real gem. Discover the Sweet Paul style here! Scrumptious!!!

Sweet Paul is great because the owner is actually sweet and because his magazine is full of luscious recipes and fabulous craft tutorials that are simple, beautiful and accessible.

Do You Design?

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Design Books for Stylish Homes

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle
Amy Butler's Midwest Modern: A Fresh Design Spirit for the Modern Lifestyle

I know Amy from her gorgeous fabric lines, but she also have an equally stylish mid-century, midwest home, but the best part is her garden. I, for one, can take plenty of cues from her. The Amy Butler website also have a plethora of inspiring photos.


More Resources for Design Inspiration

Here are several more of my favorite publications and resources for gathering design inspiration.

Words from the Wise

"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery (author of the Little Prince)

Let me know where you find inspiration.

What is your design inspiration? - Do you walk on winding paths or drive on country backroads to find inspiration?

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