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Stackable/Nesting End Tables

Updated on March 13, 2014

Stacking it Up with Stackable End Tables:the Ideal Space & Money Saver

Decorating with these beautiful, yet affordable stacking end tables like these makes great sense: you'll expand your options when entertaining while saving on your room's space and decorating budget.

When space is at a premium, stacking end tables are a real boon; they can remain neatly stacked until they're called to action.

I've lived in some pretty tight spaces while entertaining a rather impressive group of guests. At times it was standing room only but I didn't let that deter me from serving up my favorite appetizers. Stackable tables served me well for serving my guests well. It was too easy.

But the nesting tables of my young adulthood pale in comparison to what's available now, and I found this out by accident while perusing the web for current trends in living room decor. I'd forgotten all about those cheap end and side tables of yesteryear with their spindly, cast iron legs; I think they were hand~me~downs from a sympathetic relative somewhere along the line (yes, it's been that long ago).

I noticed these handy table have many a moniker: Nesting, stackable (is that a word?), stacking end tables. Who knew?

Regardless of the name, their popularity is now among the top, hottest trends in decorating, and their practicality as space~saver in vintage, contemporary and modern decorating genres makes them an ideal investment in your home's decor.

Scroll down for a look at what's hot in nesting side tables along with ideas for incorporating these gems into your scheme of things.

I truly hope I've included your fave.

Image Credit: Wooden Oriental nesting/stacking side tables shown here are available below.

2~Piece Cherry Red Finish Stacking End Tables Under $100

2~Piece Cherry Red Finish Stacking End Tables Just Over $100

Frenchi Furniture Set of 3 Round Nesting Tables in Cherry Finish
Frenchi Furniture Set of 3 Round Nesting Tables in Cherry Finish

Decorating on a budget doesn't mean your room has to look the part. Often times, cheaper decor and furniture can mirror their more expensive counterparts in size, shape, color, texture and theme.

To replicate the pricier pieces, determine what elements you like or need that the expensive furniture features. Do you like its color or finish? Is it the shape that stands out? Or is it the modern or contemporary genre you're after?

My advice for those that aren't decorating savvy, is to peruse decorating sites or find model rooms on furniture sites. I've seen some stunning rooms on sites that feature, say a sofa and the decor around the item is amazing. All said, you're not limited to decorating pages. If it's a home or department store site, chance are there's a model room for staging whatever is being sold.

It's easy to copy the wall color, focal point, wall art, etc. Just find what you like and if the price isn't one you're comfortable with, find its substitute elsewhere.

Here's a look at budget~friendly nesting tables to stretch your decorating dollars. I like it.


Set of 3 Cost~Friendly Country Cottage Nesting Side Tables Antique White Under $100

Set of 3 Transitional Solid Beechwood Nesting/Nested End Tables Maple Under $100

Set of 3 Transitional Stackable / Nesting End Tables Under $100 in Cappuccino Finish

Set of 3 Transitional Stackable Nesting Side Tables Under $100 Black

Frenchi Home Furnishing Nesting Table, 3-Piece, Oak
Frenchi Home Furnishing Nesting Table, 3-Piece, Oak

Save for the vintage looking French white stacking end tables above and the more traditional maple finished tables left, these wooden pieces have versatility on their side. Their smooth lines and nondescript design can support several decorating schemes. I like the idea of using furniture where, if you change your decor palette the side tables are good to go into your new space.

If you've a free corner, consider placing the tables on the diagonal and 'fan' them out. When you're not using the tables, I would place an oblong dish or vase on each table for a finished touch. Or leave stacked as a single end table.


Model Room Ideas - Beginning with a Vision of Two Stacking Side Tables

Monarch Specialties Nesting Table Set, Glossy Black/Chrome Metal, Set of 2
Monarch Specialties Nesting Table Set, Glossy Black/Chrome Metal, Set of 2

I wanted to include a nesting end table set that was super cheap (on price) surrounded by a model room.

Here it is!

Odd are, if you love the style of these stacking tables, you'll really appreciate the model room's decor.

The paint colors bode well in supporting the beauty of the tables, while the wall art with black frames and white mats help pull the room together (cohesiveness). The model room also gives you an idea of furniture color, size and accessories. So much can be had from one image. Just take note; you'll be amazed at what you've been missing.

Begin with an idea of what direction to take when decorating. You can certainly use one model room and ideas from another and call it your own.


Hardwood Stacking End Tables w Hand Painted Peacock Design - 3 Pc Set Cherry Red Finish

Oriental Wood Stacking End Tables ~ Set of Four Hand Carved Ming Era Design Cherry

Oriental Wood Stackable End Tables ~ Set of Four Hand Carved of Rosewood Natural Finish

Hand Crafted Rosewood Ming Nesting Tables - Dark Cherry
Hand Crafted Rosewood Ming Nesting Tables - Dark Cherry

I love the deep cherry red that seems to be exclusive to rosewood and the exquisite beauty of the orient and its art.

These Oriental nesting tables will hold their own in your pace with their striking beauty.

You won't have to limit your room to Asian decor only; you can incorporate these pieces in a number of genres. If you appreciate Hollywood regency (I'm a big fan), these tables will look striking. They'll also warm up your bedroom ~ anywhere you want to find solace after a hectic day.

There's nothing wrong with going eclectic. If you love it, that's all that matters.


Set of 3 Distressed French White Stackable Nested Tables Under $100

Set of 3 White Transitional Stacking Nested Tables Beadboard Table Tops

Antique White Solid Wood Nesting Tables White 3 Piece Set Under $100

Set of 3 White Stackable Nesting Tables Chic French Moroccan Cottage

Metal & Glass Top Stacking End Tables Set - Fresh & Airy

Monarch Specialties Nesting Table Set with Tempered Glass, Satin Silver, Set of 2
Monarch Specialties Nesting Table Set with Tempered Glass, Satin Silver, Set of 2

These Glass Top and Metal stacking side tables are simply lovely, ~ fresh and airy. They have a versatile appearance and will fit most decorating styles from Shabby Chic to Modern. Your choice of accessories will determine how they're perceived which make these "nesters" fun to decorate around.

Glass is ideal for small spaces, as their transparency give the illusion of more space with less room occupied by furniture. Glass also allows any color scheme, so if you feel challenged when decorating, you might consider stacking glass end tables, then have it your way!


Metal & Wrought Stackable End Tables

IMAX 74045-3 Torry Nested Tables, Set of 3
IMAX 74045-3 Torry Nested Tables, Set of 3

These nesting table sets are nothing like those that I started on the road to independence with as a young adult. No, these are really attractive (unlike my dinosaurs).

Being a writer and home artist, I'm in love with the tables sporting the script design and filigreed edging. I'm thinking home libraries and offices ~ even loft spaces.

This set sports the strong metal elements and accents that promise a more reliable experience than I had way back when. There's an air of elegance to them. Makes you want to say, "Will you have a bit of tea with your biscuit?"

Now, that's what I call personality.


What stacking side tables are your fave?

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