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How to Water Your New Lawn Sod

Updated on August 1, 2014

Watering Your New Lawn Sod

Your watering begins right away after sod installation. The key is to keep your sod moist but not soggy at all times for the seed to germinate. If you keep your sod dry, it will dry out the sod and both the sod and the seed will die. Apply mulch on top sparingly then water twice a day for a week then twice a week for a month. Watering your new lawn sod will also depend on the climate. If it rains you don't need to water your new lawn sod. Water your lawn same time during late hours to save water and not during the afternoon time which will make most of the water evaporate instead of soaking down the lawn. Wait until the sod is well rooted before decreasing your watering. Water your lawn evenly and water less on shaded areas. Lift each corner of the sod for resistance. The more resistance you get, the sod is more rooted down. When sod is rooted, watering frequency should decrease but the amount of water should increase. Keep in mind that soil that is too wet does not allow the water to soak deep down. This causes algae to grow and seed to rot depleting the oxygen for the roots. If you see moss showing up, especially in shady areas, you need to decrease your watering frequency and time. Do not mow your new lawn sod until it is thick and strong enough. The grass must be tall and thick enough to withstand the pressure of the lawn mower. If there are areas that are too thin, apply seeds and allow to germinate. Do not over seed.

If you remember all the above gardening advice on how to care for your new lawn sod, you will be blessed with a nicely looking garden lawn. Patience, timing and dedication will be needed to attain this. There is no such thing as an ugly lawn unless you do not put an effort in caring for it. Remember to invest your time caring for your new lawn sod.Watering your new grass seed may be quite a challenge, but will surely result in having a beautiful grass lawn in the future.

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